Wockoder Record Player – A Review

Record players are becoming more and more popular as the importance of self care and relaxation is becoming more apparent.

You want to hear those sweet classical tones in crystal clear definition, re-discover old songs as they were meant to be heard, or listen to current music with stronger sounds that touch your soul! 

The trouble is, record players can be expensive and confusing for a beginner. There is so much to choose from, and you know buying the wrong one might ruin your precious collection, no matter what size that collection might be.

Wockoder Record Player - A Review

So to make this process stress-free, I have reviewed the Wockoder Record Player collection for you!

This brand has a range of affordable prices, crisp sound, worry free stylus’.

Wockoder Record Player Reviews

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Starting with the cheapest of the three, the KD-2008 is a three belt driven turntable with speakers included.

Its vintage style alone creates a warm atmosphere to relax in whilst listening to your favorite sounds


  • Lightweight, portable

If you’re someone who likes to bring the music to the party, constantly moving house, or simply likes to move your furniture around, then you will be happy with how easy and light this record player is. 

  • Can be set up in one minute.

This record player is designed to be easy for a beginner to use. All you need to do is place a record, lift the stylus to the starting position and flick on the play switch. 

  • Built-in Speakers 

Like all of the Wockoder collection, this record player has its own speakers so you’d only need to set up this one device

  • Three Speeds (33, 45, 78 RPM)

RPM means revolutions per minute. This level of control can add tension to a heart racing song, or help you slow down to find clarity in a beautiful classic.

  • Bluetooth IN

If you have Bluetooth on your phone and want to play it through the KD-2008, then you’ll have no problem here!

  • Vintage Look

Looking at the pros above, you might be thinking that this record player will be too modern, but Wockoder has kept the classic style in this design.


  • Skipping Issues

Some online reviews have commented saying that the stylus is wobbly and causing some skipping issues to their records. This is probably because of the surface the record player is on, or the tonearm pressure.

Most people aren’t having this issue though. If you find you are having a problem with skipping, then go down to the Frequently Asked Questions section of this review as I’ve mentioned some ways to fix this.

  • Bluetooth OUT

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The KD-3001 has a wonderful retro decoration over a self-contained suitcase-like design.

Out of the three Wockoder record players we are looking at, this beauty is in the middle of the pack, price-wise.  

Arguably more stylish than the KD-2008, it has all of the pros mentioned above along with some extra delights.


  • Every bullet point for the KD-2008

The KD-2008 is the cheapest of the three so it makes sense that KD-3011 has all that and more!

  • USB and SD sockets

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and SD stands for Secure Digital, but what all this really means is that you can listen to your digital music off a hard drive instead of a disk!

Spin some Beethoven in the morning, and plug-in Ed Shereen in the evening.

  • Adjustable Bass and Treble

This adjustability allows you to manipulate the sound to your preferred preferences.

The bass is the booming low sound which is perfect for an intense heart-pumping listen, but if you were thinking of something more delicate and detailed then you’d want to put more power into the treble. 

Either way, you have more choice with this adjustability.


  • Bluetooth OUT

Like the previous record player, the KD-3011 doesn’t have the ability to send your music to your speakers via Bluetooth.

  • Speaker Quality

Some might say that the quality of sound coming from the speakers could be better, but for the price it’s kind of what you’d expect.

Although there is no Bluetooth option to connect to your own speakers, there is a wire option.

So, if you buy this record player and agree that the sound quality isn’t quite up to your taste, then hook it up to your favorite speakers!

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Unlike the other two record players, this is the only one that can record Vinyl to MP3!

Using the same USB and SD function I talked about with the KD-3011, the KD-7001 can record that music so you can store it in digital form. 

Also, unlike the other two Wockoders, this record player has opted for a more modern style aesthetic, for its modern audience. 


  • All the pros from KD-3011

The KD-7001 has all the same features as the KD-3011 and more!

  • Bluetooth OUT

This Wockoder is the only one of three which has the ability to connect to your speakers via Bluetooth!

You can connect your headphones, TV, Laptop, whatever you want to play your music through! No wires needed!

  • LCD Screen

LCD stands for Liquid-crystal display, which is basically a flat-panel display to make adjusting the Bass, Treble, and Volume that much easier. 

  • Vinyl to MP3 Recording

Using a USB or SD card you can convert your vinyl collection into a digital audio file.


  • The most expensive of the three

It’s not unexpected that the record player with the most gadgets is also the most expensive, but if you have a tight budget then you may not want all the bells and whistles.

Wockoder Record Players Buying Guide

This section of the review is just to help you understand any strange terminology, important things to consider, and how to stop your records from skipping!

Quality of Sound

Obviously, an important part of a record player is the sound quality. To get a good crisp sound you need a strong capable needle (also called stylus).

If over time the record player is losing its once great sound, it might be due for a stylus change.

Stylus’ can be bought and replaced easily, so don’t feel the need to throw out your old record player if this is the only issue.

Do Bluetooth record players have good quality sound?

That depends on your experience with music. If you are used to radio or beginner-level turntables, a Bluetooth record player will sound great!

Bluetooth is great for most everyday listening. If you are a passionate vinyl enthusiast, otherwise known as an audiophile, then you may notice a sense of distance in the music.

Bear in mind that most people listen to music through wireless (or non-wireless) headphones as we go about our day, and most don’t think it has disturbed the sound. 

What's the difference between Bluetooth IN and Bluetooth OUT?

In short, “Bluetooth IN” means you can send music from your phone or Bluetooth device to the record player for it to play. “Bluetooth OUT” means you can send music from the record player to your speakers.

“Bluetooth OUT” is great for those who have surround sound or multiple speakers in the house. And “Bluetooth IN” is great for those who want to share a song with their friends without bringing vinyl to the party.

What you really want is a turntable that does both! Otherwise, pick the option that best suits your needs. 

Manual tonearms vs Automatic tonearms

Real retro record players will have manual tonearms. They are the long sticks that hold the needle (or stylus) over the record to play the music.

A manual tonearm will need to be moved back to the beginning when the record has reached the end, whereas an automatic tonearm restarts at the beginning when it has finished.

The problem with Manual tonearms is that you need to be comfortable lowering the stylus into the right groove, but their sound quality is better than that of an automatic.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Wockoder record players good?

Wockoder has a very high customer satisfaction rate globally.

Bearing in mind that they are aimed at beginner record enthusiasts and not at high-end audiophiles, they have made themselves known by keeping their product simple, well priced, and with decent sound quality.

What is the best vinyl record player to buy?

Some of the best vinyl record players are between $250 to $500.

Brands like Walnut, Bamboo, and Raga Planar are currently seen as the best on the market, with multi-speeds, high-resolution auto quality, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Are vintage record players good?

Sound is subjective. New record players have a wonderfully crisp sound, which feels clear and clean. Whereas older or vintage record players feel warm and cozy.

This may sound vague, but the warm feeling associated with vintage records is due to an element of distortion in the music. This can feel nostalgic and homely to some people. 

Is Victrola a good brand?

Victrola is a brand that's been active for over a century. Their most recent ambition is home entertainment, making retro aesthetic record players.

Victrola tends to get five-star reviews from platforms like Amazon and is aimed at first time record player owners. They are well-liked by beginners but not loved by audiophiles.

What is the best suitcase record player?

Of course, Wockoder record players have a wonderful suitcase recorder in KD-3011, both in style and sound.

But other good options are Victrola, and Popsky, all of which have Bluetooth and USB ports to add your digital music. 

How do I turn on my Wockoder record player?

There is an on/off button for easy navigation.

You will need to press down this button for around 3 seconds to turn on the record player.  

Why is my Crosley record player so quiet?

You may need to change the cartridge to one with a higher output level. There could be a bad channel or a loose connection between the cartridge and its needle (or stylus).

Please be wary and check your vinyl records if the sound quality starts to dip, as a broken need or cartridge could break or scratch the record.

Are Victrola record players bad?

On average no, they are a good company, but any cheap record player could damage your records over time.

If you are worried about Victrola but want to stick to the brand, I’d suggest going for their more expensive and newer products as they are of higher quality and should be able to handle your vinyl collection with the care they deserve. 

How to fix a skipping record?

Firstly you should be playing your record player on a heavy and sturdy flat object, like a desk or counter. This is because you want to minimize excess vibrations around the record player.

If the surface isn’t level or sturdy then these additional vibrations will impact the needle. 

If that doesn’t fix the issue, then you should check the arm pressure. If the arm is weak, then you’ll need to increase the pressure by using the knob by its side. 

Nothing changed? Maybe the issue is the record itself. Dust could be blocking the groves, so give them a gentle clean. In the process, you may notice that the record is actually warped! This could happen due to age or direct sunlight exposure.

Still not fixed? Check to see if the needle (or stylus) is worn out. Give it a clean and if it looks like it needs replacing you should be able to find a new needle online. 

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