Sennheiser Game One Vs Game Zero

Sennheiser is a name synonymous with quality audio. They are an audiophile’s dream. Their products cover everything from earphones to professional audio equipment.

Once, musicians and music fans were the focus of the audio equipment market. However, gaming audio has become increasingly important in the pro and amateur gaming worlds. 

Sennheiser caters to gamers and game creators with a huge range of products from gaming headsets to Production Blueprints for audio producers. 

Sennheiser Game One Vs Game Zero

Today, I’m going to take a look at two of their gaming headsets, the Game One and the Game Zero. I’ll discuss what they both have to offer and see which one comes out on top.

Technical Specs

Acoustic Type
Headphone range
15Hz - 28000Hz
15Hz - 28000Hz
Microphone range
15Hz - 16000Hz
15Hz - 16000Hz

The Showdown


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Made from metal and plastic, the Game Zero headphones have a feeling of quality and professionalism. 

The cups and band are made from plastic but don’t feel or perform cheaply. The headband is heavy enough to stand up to use and abuse but don’t feel heavy on your hand. 

The metal hinges look great, in my opinion. They work well too. The headphones can fold near flat which is great for storage or transporting to LAN events. 

The ear cups are oval-shaped which reduces pressure on your ears over prolonged use. They are closed audio and are really effective at keeping outside noise out. 

The faux leather padding around the ear cup does get a bit hot and sweaty over time. You will probably need to vent your ears every so often.

Some customers do report that the leather has begun to wear away after a couple of months.

This is quite disappointing for the price but not unexpected. There is only so much heat and sweat faux leather can withstand.

The microphone is on a sturdy hinge and boom arm. It uses a lift to mute feature which is reliable and easy. The quality is phenomenal with or without the noise-canceling feature activated. 

Sound Quality

Arguably the most important aspect of a set of headphones, the Game Zero headphones do provide crystal clear audio.

The closed audio design allows you to fully immerse yourself in the sounds of the game. You’ll be able to zone in on smaller sounds like footsteps or ambient noises.

Customers find that the stereo sounds are true and easy to distinguish. They can tell where footsteps or reloads are coming from in-game which gives them a great advantage. 

The range on these headphones is superb. The bass on the Game Zero headphones arguably beats the Game One bass. The closed-back design just helps it reverberate a bit more. 

Additional Features

Both headphones have volume knobs on the ear cup which means you can quickly and simply adjust your volume.

This is particularly handy for when you switch between in-game audio and voice chats. 

The knob is smooth and easy to use meaning you can get back to the game quickly! Some users have reported that the knob becomes a bit loose after a few months.

This might be a case of over-aggressive use as it is only mentioned in one or two reviews.

In terms of connectivity, the impedance level means you can use these headphones with laptops, PCs, phones, and amps without needing a pre-amp.

Supplied with two cables you’ll be able to use this with older laptops or PCs that require separate jacks for the mic and the headphones as well as newer single port computers and devices. 

Because the cables are interchangeable, you can use these headphones with newer iPhones that require a different connection. 


  • Oval ear cup design.
  • Quality and durable construction.
  • Interchangeable cables.
  • Huge audio range.
  • High-quality microphone.


  • Faux leather padding can be a bit warm.
  • Sound isolation is so good you won’t hear your voice. You might find yourself shouting! 
  • Leather pads do start to crack and peel eventually.


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Unlike the Game Zero, there is no metal used on these headphones. Usually, I’m quite tentative with plastic products. However, as you’d expect from Sennheiser, the plastic is high-quality. 

These feel lightweight and won’t weigh you down even over extended use. Combined with the velour padding on the ear cups and the headband, these are an absolute dream to wear. 

The lack of hinges might be a bit of a pain for those who need transportable headphones. However, it does mean there’s one less weak spot to potentially fail. 

The velour padding is much more breathable than the faux leather used on the Game Zero headphones. It is nicer and kinder on your skin which will be appreciated during long sessions. 

Like the Zeros, these headphones have a lift up microphone. In fact, the microphone is identical to the Zero microphone. It is sturdy, smooth, and easy to use. 

Sound Quality

The major difference between the Zero and the One is the acoustic design. The Game One is open backed which means that you will be able to hear some background noise from your room.

Some people find background noises distracting. In this case, go for the Game Zero headphones. Others like the more spacious sound of open acoustic designs.

In this case, the Game One headphones are perfect. 

The audio is crystal clear and has the same range as the Game Zero headphones. You’ll notice a little thinness to the bass due to the open design.

It’s not a game breaker but will be noticeable. 

On the flip side, you will benefit from a wider stereo experience. It’s a bit more natural than the closed Zeros.

Essentially, as the bass isn’t quite as strong, the rest of the range is more clear. It sounds more like real life. 

Customers are really blown away by the audio quality. They find it perfect for gaming and music thanks to the natural range levels. 

Additional Features

The Game One headphones have the same additional features as the Game Zero. A lift to mute mic, exchangeable cables, multi-device functionality, and a volume knob on the ear cup.

There’s not really much to add in that sense. The quality and functionality of these extras are comparable across the two headphones. 


  • Oval ear cup design.
  • Quality and durable construction.
  • Interchangeable cables.
  • Huge audio range.
  • High-quality microphone.
  • Velour padding. 
  • More natural sound.


  • Slightly less bass.
  • Does not fold.

Sennheiser Game One Vs Game Zero Buying Guide


Both headphones have an identical microphone. It is an excellent microphone and the noise-canceling feature is a premium touch.

It could be argued that the microphone is unnecessarily high quality which pushes up the price. For pro gamers and streamers, the microphone is going to be a real boon and worth the cost. 

The frequency range, impedance, and additional features are all exactly the same across the two headphones. Again, all of these things offer a premium audio experience. 


The major differences are in the design. The velour padding of the Game One headphones is, in our opinion, superior. It is softer, cooler, and more durable than the leather pads of the Game Zero headphones. 

The metal hinges of the Game Zeros are great for traveling. They make it slightly harder to put them on one-handed but that’s really picky to be fair. 

What will really sway your choice is whether you prefer closed or open acoustics. The Zeros are perfect for people who want to shut out all external noise.

You will notice a little bit of a bass boost with these, but it won’t ruin your experience. 

If you prefer a wider, more natural sound and don’t mind a bit of background noise, go for the Game Ones.

You’ll definitely get a better sense of the direction of sounds in games. Though, the Game Zeros are in no way deficient in this sense.


Look, both of these headphones are great choices. The audio quality, build quality and mic quality is phenomenal. There really isn’t much between them. Personally, I prefer an open design but I am in a minority. 

The Game Zero headphones are a cheaper set with near identical quality. I would say that they probably edge out the Game Ones on the basis that you get nearly the same item for slightly less.

The closed design is loved by a lot of gamers who want to disappear into the game. If you’re willing to put up with slightly warmer ears, then you’ll be more than happy with the Game Zeros.

Either set is perfect for pros and amateur gamers. They are a great bridge between top of the range pro headsets and cheaper models.

If you want to up your gaming experience, you’ll benefit from either set. 

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