Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Floorstanding Tower Speaker Review

Have you invited friends over for a movie night or had a date come over to listen to the new Kanye album, only to be let down and embarrassed by poor sound quality?

A crackling, distorted sound that barely hits your ears is any music lovely or film fanatics’ worst nightmare!  

Does this sound familiar to you? Then, my friend, it is time for new speakers! I know what you are thinking, speakers are expensive, there are hundreds on the market, and what type of speaker do I even need?

Is the stress feeling familiar? There is no need to stress! I have been in your shoes and found the perfect solution: a floor-standing tower speaker.

These babies will provide outstanding volume and bass. What’s more, they can act as a standalone speaker or be added to an existing sound system to deliver extra volume! 

Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Floorstanding Tower Speaker Review

Sounds too good to be true? Well, prepare to have your hat blown off! I  have found an excellent option for those craving immersive sound that will fill any room! That’s right; it’s another fantastic speaker from Polk! 

Today, I bring you the Polk Audio Monitor  70 Series II Floorstanding Tower Speaker review. I will cover everything you need to know, so sit back, relax, and prepare to meet the speaker of your dreams. 


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In a rush? Here is all you need to know about the Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Floorstanding Tower Speaker:

  • Reasonably priced floor-standing tower speaker 
  • 1-inch dynamic balance dome tweeter and four 6.5inch dynamic balance woofers deliver immersive, clear, and crisp sound.
  • Patented Dynamic Balance features deliver outstanding sound.   
  • Detailed high frequency response and  reproduction of vocals and instruments that delivers realistic sound from TV and music
  • Magnetically shielded speakers avoid distortion from your TV.
  • The dual 5-way binding port allows you to install the speakers easily.
  • Critically tuned flared port allows for deep bass without distortion! 
  • Slim design takes up less than one square foot of space, great for those with limited space. 
  • Stabilizer feet keep the speaker on the floor to deliver precise bass. 
  • Durable construction for long-term use thanks to MDF material and internal bracing
  • Reliable and trusted brand with excellent customer support, so you can buy with ease.
  • Impressive 5-year warranty 
  • Some customers noted that the included subwoofer did not deliver the bass levels they would have liked.

Heard all you need to know? You can buy the Polk tower speaker here!

Fancy a little more information? Keep on reading for my detailed review of the speaker. 


Polk’s Monitor 70 tower speaker has a whole host of excellent features that makes it an excellent tower for you to purchase.

Let’s take a closer look at these features now to help you get better acquainted. 

Dynamic Balance Technology:

What’s great about this speaker is that it features Polk’s patented dynamic balance technology.

It works to pinpoint and eliminate any issues that could interfere with the speaker’s performance before becoming an issue and impacting the sound quality.

The speaker features a 1-inch dome tweeter and four  6.5-inch dynamic balance woofers to provide better sound quality with extraordinary power.

Don’t worry; we cover what this means for your music a little later on! In short, you will have immersive and lifelike audio coming from your speakers.

Picture your favorite concert or scene in a movie: it will feel like you are in the middle of it! Is that not the  dream? 

Magnetically Shielded:

Polk magnetically shields their speakers to provide protection when being used near monitors such as your TV. The magnetic shielding works to prevent distortion that can impact your listening and viewing experience. 

It doesn’t matter where you place your speakers; there will be no loss of sound quality caused by TV interference. It is an excellent feature for those with limited space that can’t afford to spread their equipment out across the room. 

How does it sound?

Perhaps the most critical factor when purchasing a speaker is its sound quality. Crisp, clear sounds are all anyone wants, and Polk’s Monitor 70 does not disappoint!

Not only does it create an immersive sound that is clear and crisp, but the wider dispersion allows for a lifelike audio experience. It is sure to fill your bedroom, living room, or entertainment room with high-quality sound. 

It can also deliver detailed high-frequency responses and realistically reproduce vocals and instruments.

The result? Powerful, deep bass, and superior audio quality that will enhance parties or movie nights! The sound will seem realistic and immersive compared to other speakers on the market. 

Customers loved the speaker, praising its fantastic sound quality, in particular, its clarity and sensitivity. They praised the clear and crisp tones both when listening to music and watching TV, giving you outstanding performance for any of your needs. 

There is a critically tuned flared port that provides a seep and extended bass, with low distortion. It’s an excellent addition for those who love deep bass but do not have a separate subwoofer currently.

Some customers found that this and the bass provided removed the need for an additional subwoofer! Now, that is some serious bass and space-saving power!  

Some customers did note that the subwoofer was not up to the standard as a stand-alone subwoofer. This is a common complaint seen across the board with tower speakers, and the bottom line is: a stand-alone subwoofer will always provide better bass. 

You will still experience excellent bass levels with this floor-standing speaker, but those after serious bass levels might want to consider completing their sound system with a subwoofer (Polk has some excellent subwoofers!).  


You get 6.5 inches of speaker size with this tower speaker, which is plenty of size to deliver fantastic sound to your room of choice. It measures 15.6 x 7.7 x 42 inches  and weighs 47 pounds!

It’s a slimline speaker, too, taking up less than one square foot; it’s an excellent option for those with limited space or is after a slimline speaker to fit into an existing home theater setup. 

It can be a little cumbersome to move around your room, but once it’s in, it isn’t going anywhere! The stabilizer feet keep your speaker stable and on the ground, whether you have hardwood floors or carpet.

These stabilizers not only keep your speaker in place but works to deliver a more precise bass response too! 


Polk’s floor-standing tower speaker features dual 5-way binding posts to deliver a secure and efficient connection. It makes it incredibly easy to set up and connects to other speakers and your  TV.

Customers praised how easy the speaker was to install and use, giving you less time setting up and more time enjoying music or movies with ease.

You won’t need to worry about any compatibility issues either, as Polk’s speaker is compatible with the most modestly powered amplifiers or receivers on the market. You really can just plug your speakers in and let the music play! 


You won’t need to worry about replacing the speaker any time soon. It is made from durable non-resonant medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and is fortified with internal pressing. These work together to provide a strong and stable unit that is sure to  stand the test of time.  

The drivers and woofers are also made to last, with customers praising their outstanding quality. Customers were citing years of use without any issues, precisely what you want with your new speaker. Who has the time to spend on the phone with customer support?


Your speaker will come complete with a brochure and owner’s manual covering installation and is packed full of tips and tricks that will help you install your new speaker. 

There is also a product registration card that allows you to register your speaker online. Here you can access any help or support you may need, and contact Polk should you need to access your warranty.

Speaking of your warranty, you get an impressive five-year warranty period! Should anything go wrong, you can rest easy knowing that you will be covered and well protected! 

How much?

For a floor-standing tower speaker of this standard, Polk’s speaker is reasonably priced! The speaker provides excellent value for money compared to others on the market and, thanks to its durability, provides years of superior sound quality!

When deciding if this is the speaker for you, consider your budget and ensure that it is something you can afford to invest in. it's worth keeping an eye out for any flash sales that can bring the cost down for you!

Final word 

As you can see, the Polk Audio Monitor 70  Series II Floorstanding Tower Speaker has a whole host of fantastic features that makes it one of the best reasonably priced  tower speakers on the market. 

Featuring Polk’s patented dynamic balance technology and its immersive sound quality, you are sure to enjoy all that these speakers have to offer!

Although the bass may not be as powerful as a stand-alone subwoofer, you will still experience fantastic sounds that will make you feel like you are front row in your favorite concert! 

Have we convinced you? Then pick up your Polk Audio 70 Series II Floorstanding Tower Speaker here! 

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