Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II Floorstanding Tower Speaker Review

When you are listening to music, or you are creating a home cinema, it is important to have a good sound system and speakers. While you can listen to music without these, you will not have the best listening experience.

If you are looking for a floor-standing tower speaker, there is one company in particular that you should consider. Polk is a fantastic and well-known company that produces good quality speakers at very affordable prices.

I have tested and reviewed one of their speakers in particular so you do not have to. The speaker that I have reviewed is the Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II Floorstanding Tower. 

In this article, I will be discussing this speaker in more detail. I will be focusing on the specifications it has, taking a closer look at all of its pros and cons. 

In addition to this, I have included some background information on Polk as a company, so that you can have a closer look at their values. I hope that you will find this article helpful!

Company Background

Polk Audio was established in 1972 and is an American manufacturer. They focus specifically on creating speakers for homes and cars, though they do manufacture other accessories, such as amps and FM tuners.

Polk Audio is an American company and was founded by three people - Matthew Polk, George Klopfer, and Sandy Gross.

Four years after they set up Polk Audio, they released the Monitor 7, which was a very successful speaker and propelled the company in its popularity. 

Since then, Polk Audio has grown significantly as a brand and has released many successful products. Their speakers are also used with Alexa devices. 

The company focuses on teamwork and collaboration. The team works particularly hard to ensure that they are creating the best possible sound equipment. In addition to this, one of their values is to ensure that good sound is available to everyone, rather than a select few.

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  • Made by a popular and well-trusted company
  • Particularly good value for money
  • Produces a great sound overall and provides great bass
  • Compatible with Polk Audios other speaker equipment which will help to enhance your sound overall
  • Does not take up too much floor space
  • Sleek and modern design with a wood style finish
  • Realistic audio created
  • 5 ¼ inch Dynamic Balance woofers
  • The nominal impedance is 8 ohms
  • Bass-reflex design
  • A five-year warranty which covers the drivers and tweeters should they become damaged or faulty


  • Full warranty for two years will need to be purchased at an additional cost
  • The legs of the speaker are not the most sturdy even though the rest of the speaker is

Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II Floorstanding Tower Speaker Buying Guide


We have split our review of the Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II Floorstanding Tower into specification sections. 


When looking at the price of this speaker, overall it is very reasonably priced. While it may not be the cheapest speaker available on the market, it is a good price if you are looking for a reasonably large sound system.

For the quality of the speaker, it is a competitive price. 

In comparison to similar speakers on the market, they are of great value. In addition to this, they are created by a company that is reliable and known for their great quality products.

Given this, you know that the speaker will be a great investment overall. 


The design of the speaker is fairly simplistic. It is all black and will suit most homes. It has a sleek and modern wooden finish. It contains three woofers and the speaker size is 5.25 inches. 

The overall dimensions of this speaker are 14 x 7 x 37.5 inches. While it is a fair size, it is not too big or cumbersome. It is fairly slimline and will not take up too much space in your home. 

The tower weighs a total of 31lbs. While it is fairly heavy for a speaker, it is sturdy and once in place, it will remain upright and secure. However, it is not too heavy that it cannot be moved if needed. 

The design is simple, yet effective. The Monitor 60 Series II has a bass-reflex design, and it is video-shielded.


When looking at the sound, this tower features three 5 ¼ inch Dynamic Balance woofers. These woofers provide a clear and crisp sound overall.

They are capable of producing a great and deep bass overall, and the sound quality is good. The nominal impedance is 8 ohms. 

The audio that is created is realistic and is three dimensional. While this speaker is great for listening to music, it would also work well as part of a surround sound home cinema set up too. 

The mid-range of the speaker is particularly good. The speaker also features 1 one inch dome tweeter. This helps to provide impressive and detailed highs. In addition to this, it has a Critically Tunes Flared Port.

When looking at some of the sound specifications, you can see that the sensitivity of the Monitor 60 Series II is 90 dB. Its frequency response is 38Hz to 23kHz. The power handling of the Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II is 20-200W, which is particularly good. 

Quality of Materials

The Monitor 60 Series II is particularly sturdy and is made with good quality materials. Overall the speaker has a solid construction.

The majority of the speaker is made from MDF, and the subwoofers are made from fabric-polymer.

The speaker has four legs that hold the speaker slightly off the ground. As this is not flat to the ground, it is worth noting that the legs could potentially damage.

Some users have noted that these feet are not the most sturdy, even though the rest of the speaker is particularly sturdy.

The feet of the speaker can be removed if you would prefer to have the speaker directly on the floor. 

Ease of Use

Overall, this speaker was easy to set up and plugin. It is fairly straightforward to connect. 


When you purchase these speakers, they do come with a five-year warranty.

While this warranty does not cover the tower as a whole, it does cover the drivers and tweeters should they become damaged or faulty.

In addition to this, there is the option to purchase a two-year warranty for the speakers as a whole. This will need to be purchased at an additional cost.


What is great about the Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II is that it is compatible with many of Polk Audio’s other products.

While it is a fantastic speaker to purchase, individually, your overall sound will be significantly enhanced if you paid this speaker with some of the other products available. 

For example, if you are looking to create a complete surround sound system for your home, this speaker can be paired with the Polk monitor 30 surrounds.

In addition to this, you can also connect the Polk CS2 Centre Speaker and even a soundbar to enhance your listening experience. 

While this is not necessary, it is great that purchasers are given the option. This is particularly great if you already own any of the Polk Audio components that are compatible with this speaker too. 

Summary And Where To Purchase

To conclude, the Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II Floorstanding Tower Speaker is impressive. Given its very inexpensive price, it is difficult to find many speakers to rival it in this price range. 

If you are looking for a speaker with a good and realistic sound, it is certainly worth purchasing. I was rather impressed by how crisp and clear the sound was overall. In addition to this, the bass was great and the sound felt realistic and not distorted in any way.

It is a sturdy speaker that does not take up too much floor space. While it is great on its own, it is certainly enhanced when it is connected to other Polk Audio products, such as the center speaker, and 40 surrounds.

This speaker is particularly great for listening to music, but it is also great in a home theatre setting too. Although the feet are not the most sturdy, they can be removed so that the speaker rests directly on the floor. 

The materials it is made from are high quality and the 5 woofers are great. Polk Audio knows how to create impressive speakers that are very reasonably priced.

The Audio Monitor 60 Series II is no exception to this and even though it is not the newest of speakers available to purchase, it is still a popular choice and it is easy to see why. 

If you are interested in purchasing this speaker, you can do so via Amazon US here: 

Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II Floorstanding Speaker (Black, Single) - Bestseller for Home

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