Micca MB42X Review: Why Do These Bookshelf Speakers Rate?

I’m always on the hunt for quality sounding speakers. Ones for listening to music and watching movies at home in peace.

That’s what led me to discover the Micca MB42X speakers and writing this Micca MB42X review.

When I researched them in depth I found them to be among the best for their price range.

If you’re already sold, hop over to Amazon for the Micca MB42X.

Micca MB42X Review

Otherwise, read my detailed review for the reasons it rates up there.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Speakers

Finding decent quality speakers is a problem in the market, and before you do end up buying them, you need to listen and test out several other offerings in the market. That will ensure that you’re going to get the best sounding and overall quality speakers for yourself. 

To help you out, I am going to highlight a few of the things that you must look for when it comes to buying speakers. 

Sound Quality 

The quality of a speaker’s sound is very subjective as everyone has different tastes, and what sounds fantastic to one person may very well disappoint another person.

So, when you’re shopping for speakers, make sure that you listen to different models. Try and bring along a few of your favorite albums and put them on the speakers to get a feel for them.

Types of Speakers

There are various types of speakers available from different brands, and that can feel intimidating when you’re shopping for speakers.

Some of the different types of speakers in the market are floor-standing, bookshelf, subwoofer, satellite, portable, and soundbar. 

Acoustics and Rooms

Not every type of speaker is going to sound great in the area that you’ve chosen.

Smaller speakers will be excellent for a bedroom but look out of place in the living room. Similarly, larger speakers may easily overwhelm a small room.  

These are the main things you will need to consider when shopping for speakers in the market.

My Review of the Micca MB42X Speakers

The Micca MB42X speakers come from Micca Electronics, which isn’t the first brand you would normally consider when buying speakers for home use.

But the Micca MB42X speakers are known for producing excellent sound and performance. It is an upgrade of the manufacturer’s MB42 speakers and creates better sound quality as a result.

If you’re looking for excellent sound quality from your speakers or just want to enjoy music in your home, these are ideal speakers.

They have a compact shape and design, as do most bookshelf speakers, but the great thing is they boast incredible sound performance. They are built with quality parts, and that reflects in their sound quality.

Pros of the Micca MB42X:

  • Lightweight build
  • Wide stereo space
  • Magnetic grille, which is easy to remove and replace
  • Silk dome tweeter
  • Carbon fiber woofer

Cons of the Micca MB42X:

  • Bass feels a bit light
  • A little bulky compared to other bookshelf speakers

What is it that stands out with the Micca MB42x?

As with any quality product, the Micca MB42X speaker has an inviting range of features that make it a worthwhile investment. Among those worthy of mention are the following:

Carbon Fiber Woofer for Clear and Amplified Sound

The Micca MB42X speaker comes with a 4-inch balanced woven carbon fiber woofer and a .75-inch silk dome tweeter. The carbon fiber woofer ensures that you get crystal clear sound and is superb for amplifying sounds when watching movies. 

You will notice that the carbon fiber speaker provides you with a surround sound experience. That is one of the best things that I found about the speaker as it gives you raw sound.

Crossover that Boosts Performance

The most significant upgrade to the Micca MB42X speaker is the all-new crossover. It is an optimized 18dB/Octave unit that has provided these speakers with a real boost in performance. 

The original MB42 didn’t have a crossover, and this irked a lot of users.

Not with the MB42X.

The all-new crossover plays a significant part in delivering an excellent quality sound no matter where you place the speakers.

Silk Dome Tweeter Delivers Balanced Treble and Bass

One of the great things about the Micca MB42X is that it boasts a high-performance silk dome tweeter that offers smooth treble and accurate imaging.

This dome tweeter ensures first-rate sound quality, whether you’re listening to music or just watching a movie. This upgrade elevates the sound experience and ensures you get your money’s worth. 

The tweeter makes a massive difference when it comes to sound quality as it ensures that the treble and bass are coming off at a level footing. The best part about the silk tweeter is that it provides both the sound quality and the bass coming off at a balanced level.  

Ported Enclosure Ensures Little Distortion

If you’re a fan of great-sounding music, the Micca MB42X will be your best friend as the ported enclosure outputs extended bass response with very low distortion.

You can listen to your favorite music tracks without hesitation, as the sound quality is going to be unaffected. 

Since there is going to be minimal distortion, you will get crystal clear sounds. The speakers boast that sound in abundance and ensure that any music you’re listening to is close to 100% clear.  

Micca MB42X vs. MB42

The Micca MB42X is a confirmed upgrade on the older MB42 speakers as they boast an actual crossover. This model properly dedicates the correct frequencies to the woofer and the tweeter, respectively.

That is how you get a much more improved budget-tiered bookshelf speaker that performs across the entire range.

The MB42X speakers are for near/mid-field listening, where you don’t have to play the speakers as loud as possible, but more than that, the sensitivity remains on a lower variance. The highs and lows don’t jump out at you and make the overall sound seem unbalanced. 

If you’re searching for a pair of inexpensive bookshelf speakers that sound extremely well, the MB42X is a vastly improved upgrade to their older version. That makes them a solid choice for anyone.

Micca MB42X vs. PB42X

The Micca MB42X speakers produce exceptional sound and offer extremely high value for money over the long run.

However, if you’re looking for a speaker that is an upgrade to the MB42X, you must consider the PB42X. It is a powered version of Micca’s already upgraded MB42X.

The PB42X comes with the necessary amplification built-in, so you don’t need to worry about needing a separate amplifier or a receiver. You can plug the PB42X directly into the wall, and your device is going to be all good to go. Otherwise, the speakers are mostly the same.

Micca MB42X vs. MB42X-C

The main difference between the Micca MB42X and the Micca MB42X-C is their size; the MB42X-C is larger. The larger size means it produces better sound quality and performance in the long run than its counterpart.

The exceptional sound quality produced by the MB42X-C makes it a clear winner on top of better design and build. It is about two times taller, a half-inch narrower, and an inch deeper than the MB42Xmodel.

It all depends on whether you have the room for the larger sized MB42X-C.

What Do Buyers Say?

I wanted to know what other users around the internet said about the Micca MB42X to present an unbiased picture. So I scoured the internet for different user reviews and found that most users loved the sound quality.

They loved the fact that these budget speakers could produce powerful sounds that elevated their movie-watching experience.

These bookshelf speakers are definitely worth the money as the mids, and the highs are much smoother and have better clarity than other versions of similar small speakers. 

Many users felt that for the price range, these speakers produce excellent sound quality and produce a fantastic range of sound. 

If the Micca MB42X Isn’t for You?

There are other alternatives in the market if you feel that the Micca MB42X speakers are not the ones that you want. Consider the following.

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If you’re looking for a suitable alternative to the MB42X, the Polk T15 speaker is a worthy candidate.

It offers a superior home theater experience with an immersive sound. They are slightly more expensive than the MB42X, and the speakers’ design is nothing special.

Overall, the Polk T15 stacks up if you have a tight budget.

Look at the Polk T15 on Amazon.

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Another worthy alternative is the Edifier r1280t, which offers excellent sound but at a higher price point.

The speakers produce good quality sound with clear highs and full mids, and the bass is exactly right. You can boost or reduce the bass output using the bass adjustment knob, with a separate knob to adjust the treble.

The best part about the Edifier speaker is that it can connect with different audio sources thanks to multiple inputs.

Click here to look at the Edifier R1280T on Amazon.

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The Edifier R1700BT is another worthy candidate. The speaker produces excellent sound quality and boasts convenient features that are rare in this price range.

With the R1700BT, you can use a wireless connection, and you don’t need an external amplifier. The tone controls are easy to reach, and the sound is warm and smooth.

Click here to check out the Edifier R1700BT on Amazon.


For someone who loves music a lot, the right kind of speakers can make a world of difference. There are several different options available in the market, but only a few can make a significant difference.

The MB42X is just what you want if you’re on the lookout for a speaker that can bring about real change in your sound experience.

This Micca model produces excellent sound with clarity that is unique for a bookshelf speaker. It delivers excellent bass and treble with great clarity, which is incredibly rare in speakers within its price range.

If you’re passionate about music and watching movies with a pair of bookshelf speakers, this is the model that you want.

Your life will change when you hear the crystal-clear sounds that emanate from these speakers and make the hair at the back of your neck stand up. 

So, if you’re in the market for a great pair of bookshelf speakers, do yourself a favor and get the Micca MB42X speakers today.

Check out the Micca MB42X here on Amazon.

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