Does Bose Have A Lifetime Warranty (And Replacement & How To Claim)

Don’t you just love that excitement when you buy a new pair of headphones or some quality speakers to enjoy all your favorite music? However, what isn’t ideal is when they suddenly break on you and you’re left trying to scan the internet to find out what the warranty is on them. 

Even more so if you’ve bought a pair of higher-priced Bose headphones or speakers and you’re wondering does bose have a lifetime warranty?

Does Bose Have A Lifetime Warranty?

Does Bose have a lifetime warranty? 

No, unfortunately as of the moment, Bose does not offer a lifetime warranty across any of their products. Although they do have a limited warranty on all of their products, which we’ll be going into in this guide and also informing you on how to claim on your warranty and even get a replacement for defective products. 

What warranty does Bose offer?

Bose warrants any product you buy from them against any defects or issues with materials or workmanship of their products when they are purchased directly from Bose or an authorized Bose reseller. However, Bose will not honor its warranty for damage or defects caused by wear and tear, improper use, unauthorized repair or maintenance, or accidental damage. 

The warranty is valid from the date of purchase of a product for 1 year for electronic products, speakers and powered systems, and accessories. However, there is a 5-year warranty on passive non-powered speaker loudspeakers. 

The warranty can only be used by the original end-use purchaser of a product or by the person who has received a Bose product as a gift. The warranty is not extended and cannot be transferred to any other person. 

So if you bought a Bose product second-hand, then you won’t be able to claim any sort of warranty on them as you’re not the original purchase. However, if you can get the proof of purchase and the packaging has the serial number on then you can still transfer the warranty and use it as long as it’s valid. 

To claim on the warranty you’ll need to provide proof of purchase through a sales invoice or a purchase receipt, otherwise, you will not have a valid claim.

What will Bose do?

If your product’s defects can be honored by Bose’s limited warranty, then there will be 3 possible actions taken:

  • The product will be repaired with new or refurbished parts
  • You could be partially or fully refunded for the product
  • The product will be replaced with a new or refurbished set (or the equivalent)

Bose will aim to repair or replace broken parts as the primary option before resorting to giving a refund to the customer. Any repairs or replacements of products will be done free of charge according to the limited warranty. To claim a full or partial refund of your defective product, you’ll need to return the product to Bose for them to honor the warranty. 

However, Bose will not cover the shipping or transportation costs of returning the product to them for repairs, so this will need to come out of your pocket. 

How to claim your Bose warranty

Below are the routes you can follow to try to claim on your Bose warranty to either get a replacement, repair or refund for your product. 


We’d recommend trying to go through the process online as a first resort as you won’t have to endure the waiting time to get through to an agent on the phone.

  • Step 1. Go to the Bose website and click on their ‘support’ tab
  • Step 2. Make a service and repair request by entering the serial number of your Bose product
  • Step 3. Start a return request for your Bose product online order by inputting your order number and ZIP code

Every Bose product will have a serial number or a unique 4 digit code located on the product or the original packaging. The serial number is normally a long-digit code and is normally located under a barcode. 

If you can’t find the serial number on the original packaging, if your Bose product is compatible with the Bose connect app then you’ll be able to go to Settings > Product Information to find the serial number. 

You will need this serial number or unique 4-digit code to create a service request or repair for your Bose product. 

Call Bose Customer Service

You can get in touch with a Bose customer service representative on the phone regarding any defects or problems with your Bose product. The customer service phone lines are open 9 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday and then Saturday 9 am to 5 pm.

The number for general issues with Bose products and to start the returns process on the phone is +1 800 379 2073.

For issues with Bose headphones, call the number +1 800 761 2673.

Whereas if you’re having issues with Bose noise-canceling speed earbuds call dial +1 800 905 1273.

You should expect to have a moderate waiting time when trying to get through to a customer service representative, especially on Saturdays. 

Message Bose Customer Service

If you don’t have time to wait for ages on the phone to get through to a customer service representative, then Bose does offer a text messaging service through WhatsApp.

Just message the word BOSE to the number +1 508-614-6301 and you’ll be connected to a customer service agent.

The WhatsApp service is open between Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm. There might be a slight delay or wait before someone from Bose gets back to you regarding your problem. 

When Returning Your Bose Product

If you are returning your Bose product to get repairs, replacements, or a refund then a team member from Bose customer service should provide you with a return authorization number and with some specific and return instructions that you’ll need to follow. 

Packaging of the returned product that does not bear the return authorization number will be refused, so make sure to display the label on the front of the packaging to help streamline the returns process. 

The return and refund process should take no longer than 2 weeks, although delays should be expected depending on your location and also your bank. Replacements for defective products should be delivered within 10 days of the factory receiving the product.

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