Bose 700 vs Beats Studio3

Your headphones allow you to become more immersed in what you are listening to by canceling out the sound of potential distractions.

However, poor quality headphones will provide you with poor acoustics and audio which may appear indistinguishable and this will affect how enjoyable they are to use.

You don't want to commit to listening to your favorite audiobook if you are going to struggle to hear the vocals of the narrator. 

The quality of the headphones can typically be identified by the price at which they retail and the brand that they are manufactured by.

Both Beats and Bose are recognized as some of the top brands for headphones. Bose is considered to be a prestigious brand that produces high-quality audio products. Likewise, Beats by Dr. Dre are also known for manufacturing audio products with excellent sound quality.

The Bose 700 headphones are deemed to be an operable offering with good noise canceling qualities. The Beats Studio 3 offers wireless performance and impressive functionality.

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Are you looking to invest in a new pair of headphones but feeling uncertain as to whether the Bose 700 or the Beats Studio 3 are best suited to your needs. Below, I have evaluated how these headphones compare and how they differ.

I have also identified the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you decide which headphones are right for you. Continue reading if you would like to find out more.

Specifications of the Bose 700

  • Dimensions: 20.3 cm x 16.5cm x 5.1 cm
  • Weight: 0.25 KG
  • Materials: Stainless Steel Headband, soft gel like cushion
  • Battery Life: up to 20 hours Charging Time: approximately 2.5 hours
  • IPX Rating: IPX4
  • Active Noise Cancelling: Yes
  • Microphones: 8 total, 6 for active noise canceling, 4 for voice pickup

Specifications of the Beats Studio3

  • Dimensions: 16.02 cm x 11.94cm x 22.60cm
  • Weight: 0.27KG
  • Materials: Aluminium frame, synthetic leather pads
  • Battery Life: up to 22 hours Charging Time: approximately 2 hours
  • Adaptive Noise Cancelling: Yes

Audio Quality

When contemplating the sound quality of headphones, the audio quality is going to be a very important factor.

Although both offerings deliver strong bass, there are multiple differences to identify between both. For those who require their headphones for occasional use to listen to a song or two, the Beats Studio3 is likely to suffice. The bass is powerful and they also deliver low frequency sounds.

However, at times the audio can sound rather saturated and the high base of these headphones tends to be quite ‘boomy’ and overpowering which some users may find hinders the overall quality of the vocals and sounds. 

The Beats Studio3 features a safe treble which ensures that repeated use doesn’t become tiring although some would suggest that this is lacking in quality when compared to competitor offerings. While the Bose 700 may not be equipped with high-quality streaming codecs, the sound quality remains acceptable.

The lowest frequency of these headphones is 10Hz meaning that the sound will produce a low level of rumbling which most aren’t likely to find distracting.

Though these headphones are lacking in terms of base boost they are effective in ensuring that the delivery of vocals isn’t too harsh and this is particularly emphasized by the performance of the mid frequency response.

The audio quality isn’t an area that any of these offerings excel in particularly when compared to offerings from other brands, despite this the Bose 700 performs slightly better than the Beats Studio3.

Noise Cancelling Properties

The Bose 700 are identified as noise canceling headphones and this is an element that really makes these headphones stand out.

As expected, noise canceling headphones are intended to block out surrounding noise instead allowing you to hear all vocals and vocal narration from the audio file that you are listening to in much clearer detail.

This feature is also activated when using the headphones to make phone calls too allowing you to communicate with the individual on the other end of the phone with fewer distractions. This performance is benefited by the addition of 8 microphones.

The headphones also feature a total of 11 noise cancellation settings which can be controlled by the user via the app for a customized listening experience. The Beats Studio3 headphones also possess noise canceling qualities.

The adaptive noise canceling feature monitors the sound of the surrounding environment eliminating the concern of this noise potentially disrupting the sound quality. As a result, the surrounding noise becomes much quieter.

The seal that surrounds the headphones allows you to enjoy the audio in much better detail. Both are very strong contenders when it comes to noise canceling performance, however, the Bose 700 offers this feature when the user is making phone calls too which of course is an added bonus.

The Battery Life

As you can see, the battery life of the Beats Studio3 slightly exceeds the battery life of the Bose 700. These headphones offer 22 hours of continuous use and take approximately 2 hours to charge.

The Bose 700 offers 20 hours of battery life when used continuously taking roughly 2.5 hours to fully recharge. I'm sure you will agree, this provides the user with a generous amount of listening time so the tunes never have to stop.

It is also possible to enhance the battery life by turning off or lowering the noise canceling function and doing so almost doubles the battery life. Because of this, you can enjoy a day's use or more of the headphones without having to regularly connect them to a plug point.

The Beats Studio3 also offers a fast charging feature that will provide you with around 3 hours of battery following a quick 10 minute charge.

While this isn’t likely to see you through the day, I’m sure this feature is bound to be appreciated by those who require their headphones for a certain amount of time but do not have the time available to wait for them to reach a full charge.

The immediacy at which the battery life of your headphones drains is also going to depend on the frequency in which they are used. 

Ultimately, the Beats Studio3 slightly outperforms the Bose 700 when it comes to battery life, but this isn’t to say that the Bose 700 isn’t going to serve you many hours of use.

The Design

Both the Bose 700 and the Beats Studio3 are over the head headphones, however, the former is more sleekly designed than the latter.

Despite the Beats Studio3 headphones boasting a slightly bulkier design, they aren’t that much heavier than the Bose 700. Both pairs are made from metal with plastic elements.

While the Bose 700 synthetic leather earpads, the earpads of the Beats Studio3 have a slightly faker appearance.

You can also get each pair in multiple colors which gives you the freedom to select your preferred option. Of course, when it comes to design your personal taste will prove to be a deciding factor. 

For those looking for headphones with a sleeker frame, the Bose 700 provides the best option.

The quality of the ear pads also makes them much more comfortable to wear and this is especially important for those who are likely to use their headphones over prolonged periods. However, for those looking for more robustly designed headphones, the Beats Studio3 is going to be the preferred option.

The Price

When it comes to price, there is just over 100 dollars difference between each. For those seeking affordability, the Beats Studio3 is the recommended option, while the Bose 700 is recommended for those seeking a higher quality alternative. Both are available to purchase on Amazon.

Although the Bose 700 are more expensive, they deliver high-quality audio performance. On the other hand, the Beats Studio3 provides a cheaper option and still offers an impressive selection of features.

Final Thoughts

The Bose 700 and the Beats Studio3 are both strong contenders. Both excel in regards to the noise canceling features ensuring that you can listen to your audio without being disrupted by any noises in the background.

They are also very similar in terms of build size and weight. When it comes to selecting the headphones that are best for you, it is important to evaluate multiple factors.

Are you looking for an affordable pair of headphones that offer an impressive battery life with a good noise canceling function and acceptable audio quality?

Or are you looking for headphones that are slightly more expensive but make up for this price difference by providing excellent audio quality and noise cancellation with decent battery life and sleek design?

If the former applies to you, the Beats Studio3 is likely to be the preferred option. However, if the latter applies to you, the Bose 700 will provide you with the best option for your needs.

Overall, in terms of sound quality and performance, I would suggest that the Bose 700 is a stronger contender in comparison to the Beats Studio3.

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