Best Record Player With Speakers

Vinyl is one of the most surprising hobbies that has surged in popularity over the last few years.

As the convenience of digital music and streaming seemed to be rolling over the entire music industry, the resurgence of vinyl was an unexpected hit with young people seeking an interesting new hobby. 

The history, sound quality, and sense of significance that comes with physically owning records clawed its way into popular culture and saved physical media at a time where every aspect of life seemed to be getting digitized.

Best Record Player With Speakers

The only drawback with vinyl is that it was never particularly portable or convenient for music lovers who want to be able to take their music with them, whether it’s to a picnic, a party, or anywhere else.

The size and weight of turntables and speaker systems mean that enjoying your vinyl outside of your home is difficult or downright impossible.

This is where the newest record players and their included speakers come to the rescue. These highly portable speakers will enable you to bring your music with you and are also a great way for people interested in learning about vinyl to get stuck into the hobby without needing to find speakers, players, and vinyl. 

Modern record players and their integrated speakers enable you to start the music immediately and come with a host of features and modernizations that make record players a do it all music device that will allow you to show off your vinyl wherever you want.

If you have questions about the different features of record players or are new to vinyl, feel free to check out the buyer’s guide and FAQ at the bottom of this article, to ensure you are getting the right record player for you.

Top 5 Best Record Player With Speakers


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The Crosley Cruiser is one of the most popular record players available and its simple, beginner-friendly nature makes it excellent for people who want to get into vinyl and start playing records immediately.

The various colors make it suitable for any room or style preference which means it can be easily paired with your favorite color scheme. 

The RCA outputs mean that when you’re ready to purchase more powerful speakers you can still use this record player by simply plugging it into an external speaker.

The Cruiser is also Bluetooth compatible and has a 3.5mm audio jack meaning that you can play music from almost any device, giving you maximum flexibility even if you’ve left your vinyl at home.

The three-speed compatibility allows you to use any record you have when you do want to start spinning them up, so you don’t need to worry about finding the right size record.

All of these features are packed into a highly portable package that closes up into a relatively compact and easy-to-carry briefcase, measuring 10.24”x 13.78”x4.72” which is highly convenient.


  • Many Colors - There’s a color to suit every style and preference
  • Beginner-Friendly - Comes with everything you need to listen to immediately
  • RCA Audio Out - Connects to external speakers easily

  • Bluetooth Capable  - Play music wirelessly if you’ve forgotten your vinyl
  • Three Speed Compatible (33, 45, 78 RPM) - Can play various sizes of record.


  • Fairly Heavy - This player is a few pounds heavier than some other players of this type
  • No USB - Unable to connect to a PC using USB


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Victrola has been in the record industry for over a century, and in that time it has managed to continually adapt to the ever-changing and advancing technology of record players and the music industry.

The fact that Victrola has managed to navigate some of the biggest leaps in technology is a testament to the experience and knowledge this brand uses to continue innovating and developing.

The Victrola Vintage is three-speed compatible as the same suggests, meaning you’re able to use any record at the regular speeds of 33, 45, and 78 RPM, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy old and new records without fuss. 

The well-built briefcase design of this record player makes it easily one of the most portable, especially given its extremely lightweight 2.69 lbs weight. 

Despite being a small package, the Vintage packs a punch and is able to connect to external speakers via its RCA outputs, as well as play music from other devices thanks to its Bluetooth compatibility and standard 3.5mm audio jack.

This gives you maximum flexibility, allowing you to play music anywhere, by any means necessary.

The controls are simple and easy to understand making this an ideal first record player for younger people interested in getting into vinyl or people who want to dust off their old vinyl without any worries about compatibility.


  • 33 color options - Various colors including a wild tie-dye style!
  • Fully Automatic Cueing - Not only does this player offer 33, 45, and 78 RPM settings for any record, it also automatically detects the required RPM and adjusts to suit the record playing automatically.
  • Bluetooth Capable
  • Lightweight - 2.69lbs makes this one of the lightest players available
  • Auto-Stop - Can be set to stop automatically at the end of a record to prevent damage from excessive usage.


  • Flimsy tonearm


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The Jensen 3-Speed is one of the simplest and well-put-together record players that includes speakers and has a few extra features that will turn the heads of music lovers and budding producers alike.

As you’d expect from a modern record player, it’s a 3-speed turntable with 33, 45, and 78 RPM compatibility, as well as pitch control, to allow you to tweak the sound just so depending on the acoustics of the environment you’re listening in.

The auxiliary input jack allows you to connect most devices to the system to play music without using vinyl, and there is also a headphone jack for when you want to keep all the sonic goodness of this stereo to yourself.

The RCA jacks allow you to connect to external speakers if you need some extra volume and the auto-stop switch will prevent your record from needlessly spinning once it has reached the end.

Another great feature of this player is the inclusion of a USB port, which allows you to lift your favorite samples straight from the vinyl to your PC, or digitize and preserve your record collection just in case the worst should ever happen to it.

The only drawbacks are that this player doesn’t come with Bluetooth compatibility unlike some others on this list, and is a little less portable as it doesn’t have a carry handle or briefcase design.


  • Pitch Control
  • Loud built-in speakers  - Great volume despite the portable size.
  • 3 Speed Stereo Compatible with 33/45/78 RPM - Play any record you can find with ease.
  • USB port for converting sound to MP3 - Take your favorite sounds and turn them into samples for use on your computer.
  • Auto-Stop Switch - This player can be set to automatically stop playing once a record has finished.
  • Power Indicator - Helps you to make sure your player is definitely turned off, helping you to save energy.


  • No Bluetooth - No Bluetooth compatibility is a shame on an otherwise well-specced player
  • No Carry Handle - Slightly less portable due to not having a carry handle.


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The Numark PT01USB is a great turntable and has a host of excellent features combined with surprising portability.

The most noticeable feature is the more modern design and aesthetics of this turntable, which doesn’t try to recreate classic or retro visuals.

It also closes up into a neat and nondescript case that is easily portable and sturdy, protecting the inside from dust and bumps very well.

Another stand-out feature is that this record player can use battery power to function, adding to its versatility and making it ideal for usage on the go.

The batteries are not included but use easy-to-find D batteries which can give over 20 hours of battery life, long enough to keep the party going for several nights if you have the stamina. 

The speakers are of fair quality but maybe a little quieter than some others. However, the various outputs, including RCA and USB allow you to play music on external speakers easily.

The USB slot also allows you to sample music and digitize your library to protect your collection and preserve it even if it is damaged or lost.

Like the other turntables on this list, the Numark is three-speed compatible, working with 33”, 45”, and 78” LPs.

The tonearm is well made and the cartridge is of fairly good quality and the added pitch controller will enable you to experiment with your records.


  • Battery-Powered - Super portable and can be used totally off the grid
  • Pitch Control
  • Medium Weight - Comes in between the heaviest and lightest players available.
  • Secure Container - Well built with a secure clasp, the dust cover for this player will protect the sensitive needle from damage.


  • Not the loudest - There are louder speakers, however, the included RCA outputs let you use external speakers for extra volume when needed.

  • No Bluetooth - No Bluetooth compatibility makes this player a little less versatile than some others.


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The Wockoder Classic is another highly popular retro-styled turntable that brings a great blend of simplicity, aesthetics, and performance to help new enthusiasts dive straight into vinyl. 

This player is three-speed compatible and belt-driven, with a good quality tonearm allowing the use of 33, 45, or 78 RPM LPs, and has a surprisingly good sound quality even with the included speakers.

If you’re wanting a little more fidelity or volume, you can use the included RCA outputs to easily connect to external speakers, and the included headphone jack will allow you to enjoy the texture of vinyl listening without having always played to the entire room.

This is great for late-night or private listening when you want to lie back and really engage with the music.

The dust cover works well and keeps the internals safe from debris, and the controls are all well labeled and simple making things easy for new or inexperienced users.

The only drawback is that it is slightly less portable due to a lack of a carry handle, and the case isn’t as protective for carrying around like some others.


  • Elegant Retro Design - Striking retro design
  • Beginner Friendly - Simple and clear features make this a great all-in-one to get beginners listening to vinyl immediately.
  • RCA Outs  - Enables you to use external speakers if you have some available or want to upgrade later.
  • Three-speed compatible (33, 45, 78 RPM)  - Allows you to play all 7”, 10”, and 12” records with ease.


  • Few Color Options - The wood appearance works well but if you want a player with a more eye-catching aesthetic your options are limited with this player.

  • No Carry Handle - Makes this player a little less portable than some others

Best Record Player With Speakers Buying Guide

The rise in popularity of records and is a testament to the unique experience that using vinyl brings.

The sound quality is better, vinyl looks great when displayed in your home and there is something unique about seeing your music physically existing in your space.

Some people think only serious audiophiles and music professionals use records, but the newest record players make it easy for anyone, even children, to start learning the joy of vinyl records. 

There are many brands and designs that offer in-built speakers, designed to be portable and easy to use in different parts of your home or outside it.

It’s easy to take your music with you if you want to relax in the bath set, the mood in the dining room, or bring it out to the barbeque or picnic.

Making sure you have a record player that provides great features and is as flexible as possible is important to make sure you can get the most out of your new hobby.

The connectivity, audio quality, components, and portability of your turntable are all important factors that will determine which record player will suit your needs best. 

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of features and characteristics to look out for when purchasing a new record player to ensure you get the right turntable for you.


If you’re lucky enough to have inherited some vinyl or have steadily built up a nice little collection, you may know that records come in a few different types.

This will affect the type of record player you want to buy, to ensure you can enjoy all your records with the same turntable. 

Luckily most of the record players available today come with adjustments that make them capable of playing all the main types of record.

The main speeds you’ll come across in general are:

  • 33 ⅓ - This is one of the most common formats and is the standard for 12” LPs, meaning that most record players will be able to adjust to this speed setting quite easily.
  • 45 - This 7” record is often used as a single with an RPM of 45, that is another format most turntables will be able to recognize.
  • 78 - This RPM isn’t anywhere near as available or common as the others and it can be difficult to find records in this format, which means some record players may not be able to play them. Some record players may require you to physically change the setup of the record player’s components in order to use these records, however, these components are sometimes included with the record player for convenience. Be sure to check if you have 78’s you want to play.

Once you are aware of the speed your records are you’ll be able to make sure the record player you purchase is compatible with them.

Luckily, a lot of modern players are made to handle the three main speed types, but always be sure to check to avoid disappointment.


Some modern record players are more than capable of just playing vinyl and have recognized how important digital music is. They also come with a variety of connectors to ensure you’re able to enjoy music exactly how you want to.

For example, most record players come with RCA outputs to enable you to connect to external speakers.

The great thing about this is that you’ll be able to use the same record player even if you upgrade your speakers down the line, or want to bring your record player to a different place and use their audio equipment. 

Another great feature to look out for is the inclusion of a headphone jack, usually a 3.5mm auxiliary port. This will enable you to experience the high-quality sound of your vinyl without disturbing the neighbors every time.

This is ideal for late-night listening or for audiophiles who want to use their headphones to really experience every minute detail of their music.

USB ports are also included on some record players which is a neat feature that allows you to digitally back up your record collection onto your PC or laptop.

This is also something to look out for if you’re a budding music producer who wants to be able to pull samples from records for use in your own music production. 

It’s surprising what gems can be found and repurposed for new music, which is an exciting feature for music lovers who want to create their own beats.

Finally, Bluetooth connectivity is another form of connection that record players are incorporating nowadays, as a means of using the music from your phone or streaming service if you have forgotten your vinyl or weren’t able to bring it with you.

In this case, the inbuilt speakers for the record player allow you to enjoy music anywhere. Just keep in mind that these Bluetooth connections are typically one way and you won’t be able to play music from your record player onto other devices using this connection.

Features and Controls

There are a lot of features to look out for on modern record players. Aside from the obvious included in-built speakers that allow you to immediately start listening wherever you are.

One of the best features you’ll see on some record players is the Auto-Stop feature which ceases the turntable when a record has reached the end of the tracklist.

This is great as it helps preserve the life of both your record player and your vinyl and is a feature that's definitely worth having.

Auto adjust is another great feature that comes on certain players, and it is used to allow the record player to detect the speed of the record it is playing without you having to manually set this up.

As a result, you’ll be able to switch between records easily without needing to change settings or keep track of RPMs as you listen. You can simply focus on the music and which record you want to listen to next!

Auto cueing is another nice feature that not all record players come with and is integral to the original idea of vinyl, that is, listening to a series of songs with ease.

That being said, not all record players are capable of this and there are some drawbacks to this such as damage to the tonearm or vinyl over time.

Manual cueing will require you to drop the needle in the right place yourself, which is easy enough with some practice but may not be suitable for younger users or people who are new to vinyl.

Finally, the inclusion of pitch control will be present on many record players and is a way to easily experiment with the sound of your music. This is a very common feature but it's still worth making sure it's present if this is something important for you.


Record players that come with inbuilt speakers have many advantages, particularly for beginners and people who want a more portable package. It is also great value for money.

Not having to purchase external speakers right away means users can begin using their vinyl immediately which is highly convenient. Inbuilt speakers are also far more portable and ergonomic to carry, as well as lighter.

This is especially true of the briefcase-style designs that are easy to carry around with the included handles and sturdy casing.

If the inbuilt speakers aren’t providing enough fidelity or volume, most record players of this style include audio outputs and other options to allow you to easily connect to bigger speakers.

This makes them highly flexible and versatile, able to be portable, and provide a big sound when required.

The only drawback is that the inbuilt speakers themselves are likely not able to be upgraded and can provide a lower quality sound than dedicated external sound systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

The world of record players is highly competitive, and there are many brands that have perfected the design, aesthetics, and performance of their record players over the years of their resurgence. 

The record player itself and the benefits of using one are often disputed and debated, and it can often be difficult to discern the truth about record players and what you need to get started in the world of vinyl records.

This can mean people have a lot of questions about record players and vinyl in general, as people may never have been lucky enough to use or experience them before.

Why Vinyl?

Digital music dominates the whole music industry now, and it’s easy to wonder why you should give vinyl a try. In short, there’s nothing better than vinyl when it comes to sound quality.

There is also the pleasure of physically owning your music and proudly displaying your collection, as well as the ritual pleasure of selecting a record, placing it on the player, and watching the tonearm lower to begin playing the music.

Can you hook up to speakers with a record player?

A lot of record players are capable of hooking up to speakers using various connections.

RCA outputs will allow you to connect to most external speaker systems with relative ease, while some record players allow you to plug in headphones using an aux cable or connect via Bluetooth to enjoy vinyl sound quality wirelessly. 

The flexibility of new record players makes them a super convenient modern music system.

What are good speakers for a record player?

There are a lot of great speakers out there and to go into depth about them would require an entirely different article.

Generally, things to look out for in good record player speakers are; a good frequency response, the wattage or power of the speakers, whether they are wireless or not, and how much they cost to ensure you’re getting a good price to performance.

Do I need speakers for my record player?

It depends on the record player you own. Not all turntables and record players come with included speakers.

If you do have included speakers then you don’t need to purchase external speakers, however, if you want louder volume or more audio fidelity then it may be worth looking into.

What is the difference between a record player and a turntable?

A turntable is a much smaller and less feature-packed device than a full-blown record player.

While the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, record players are usually full audio systems comprising a turntable as well as speakers and amplifiers and are capable of playing various music formats.

They are generally very feature-rich and are a do it all option.

Which record player has the best sound?

This is difficult to say as the sound a record player produces can depend not only on the quality of the speakers but also the quality of the record it’s playing too.

Generally, the higher quality the components, the better the sound your record player will produce. 

There are various things that can be upgraded including the cartridge, tonearm, and stylus to enable you to maximize the sound quality of your record player.

Do Victrola record players ruin records?

Not especially when compared to any other modern brand of record player. Groove wear can happen with all record players but is typical with heavier setups, where the tonearm is pushing more severely onto the record.

This is the thing to look out for, as well as auto cueing which can sometimes cause added wear.

Is Victrola better than Crosley?

Victrola and Crosley are two of the most popular brands and each has its own merits, with Victrola having a slightly longer heritage.

They both offer great record players that can cater to various budgets and requirements, the key is to make sure you pick a record player that does everything you need it to.

What speakers work with record players?

This depends largely on the connections your record player has.

Any speakers that have RCA outputs should be able to connect to a record player.

Why does my record player have Bluetooth?

This allows you to play music from other devices when you don’t want to use vinyl.

This allows your record player to still play music and act as a set of portable speakers, allowing you to play music from your favorite Bluetooth device or streaming service when you need to.

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