Zosam Speaker Review: Bargain Hunter Best Value

Times are tough right now. With the Coronavirus pandemic, many people are tightening their belts. 

I know I am and, I bet you are too.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly portable Bluetooth speaker, the Zosam speaker is the best I’ve found under 50 dollars.

Want it now? Get it at here at Amazon.

Not sure? How about you read further and find out why it could be for you despite one minor little irritation.

Imagine you’re right in the middle of making your favorite recipe. 

Your hands are covered in goo and the phone rings. 

It’s across the room, and you can’t walk away because you’ll drip juices across your floor.

You’re in luck!

Your Zosam Portable Bluetooth speaker is playing music right on your kitchen counter. 

And the best part is you can quickly hit a button on your Zosam speaker and answer the call. 

The music stops playing, and after the call, your music plays again.


Now imagine that when you tried to answer your call, you knocked your Zosam off the counter and onto the kitchen floor. Ugh! 

You remember that Zosam’s ironclad, rubber reinforced construction, protects your speaker like a soldier.

You panic for just a second and then realize everything is okay.

I’ll cover all of these fantastic features plus give you some not-so-great information about Zosam speaker in this review. 

I’ll answer questions like: Is Zosam waterproof? 

The answer may surprise you. And so will some of my other discoveries. 

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There’s a lot to know before you buy, so let’s get to it.

Built Like a Machine But Light As a Feather

Zosam is one of the most robust constructed little speakers for the price I’ve found. 

Aomais Sport II is one of my top picks for durability, but Zosam gives it a run for its money.

Why spend too much money on a Bluetooth speaker that you want to lug around in dusty, hard-core settings? 

You can explore dunes, go mudding, and even take it with you on a construction site

I’m not kidding when I say this thing is a tiny beast of a device

If you drive heavy equipment or work on a construction site where you might worry about dropping your device, this is the speaker for you.

Now let’s be real. You don’t want to create unwarranted situations to test out your speaker’s durability. 

And everything has its limit. But Zosam can take a beating. 

The mesh screen isn’t some cheap plastic or aluminum. No, this protective grille is iron

Yes, iron!

And the exterior of the speaker is wrapped with smooth, thick rubber.

The construction is solid and feels durable in your hand. It’s surprising how well-built this incredible little speaker is for what you pay. 

But the clip that comes with it is another story.

Awesome Portable With One Design Flaw

Zosam comes with a carabiner clip that hooks directly onto the speaker, making it ultra-portable. 

However, the clip is cheap plastic.  

It’s a thick plastic material and not something I would trust for rough riding or other hard-core activities. 

One cold snap and the plastic clip can crack.

The quality of the clip is puzzling. Zosam put so much thought into the durable construction of this bargain speaker. 

Why not through in a durable carabiner clip, too? 

But, the capability of clipping this fantastic speaker onto something is ingenious. 

It’s a little larger than some of the clip-ons I’ve reviewed. So this extra portability measure is a nice touch.

You can buy a more sturdy carabiner clip to use with it instead, which I highly recommend. 

Then you can get a size that meets your specific needs as well. 

And what’s up with the waterproof claim?

Heavy Jets of Water, I Don’t Think So!

Zosam can endure snow, cold, wind, sand, dirt, and some water splashing. However, it’s not waterproof.

It has a waterproof rating of IPX6, but Zosam isn’t going to tolerate heavy water splashing or jets of water spray.

Click here to read more about IP ratings

After scouring the reviews, I wouldn’t even consider Zosam to have an IPX6 rating. 

Customer feedback indicates issues with the speaker after:

  • Too much splashing by a pool
  • Too much humidity
  • Direct shower spray
  • Heavy rain

With an IPX6 rating, the Bluetooth speaker shouldn’t be harmed by powerful jets of water from any direction. 

That is not the case with Zosam.

You’ll be fine to use the speaker by a pool, as long as it sits back and away from large amounts of splashing. 

You can use it in the bathroom, but I wouldn’t put it in the shower where it can get a direct hit from water. I wouldn’t expose it to excessive amounts of high humidity from steam either.

With some caution, Zosam is a fantastic speaker to enjoy at the beach, at the pool, or near the shower

Make sure you have the protective cover plugged over the audio and charging ports. That protects it from dust, dirt, and sand too. 

Don’t let that scare you off. This budget speaker might not be as waterproof as other portables, but it sure is loud.

Crank That Volume And Prepare To Be Amazed

For what Zosam lacks in water protection, it makes up for in loudness. 

I’ve done extensive research and watched all the video clips I could find. And one thing is for sure.

This tiny speaker puts out some noise

The volume levels of Zosam can compete with the highest-ranking budget speaker. 

The sound is crisp and clear with little distortion on max volume. And it fills a large living room without any effort. 

You can operate a big Boom Truck in a noisy construction area and hear every word of your podcast. 

Music is loud and clear, never leaving you guessing what lyrics you’re missing on your songs, too.

The high definition dual drivers of Zosam packs 10W of beautiful power. These tiny speakers get the job done. 

If you’re a music aficionado, you’re not going to be blown away by the quality of the loud sound coming out of your speaker. 

But the average user won’t mind it.

Max volume does start to produce a little pitchy high, but because it has such excellent volume leveling, you won’t need to blast it.

Mids and highs can get a little tinny-sounding, but the bass is another story.

How Did They Get Such Deep Bass In That Little Box?

The dual high-performing drivers kick out a tremendous bass that pounds even the most discerning listeners’ ears.

The bass outperforms even some of the most expensive portable Bluetooth speakers out there. 

I’m still a little shocked at the performance of the bass in this fantastic little speaker. 

When you see the price, you don’t expect what comes out of this speaker. The Zosam Portable gets respect in the bass category. 

If the sound quality still isn’t quite what you are looking for, you can adjust both treble and bass levels with an equalizer app. 

YouTube has some great information about equalizer apps here

The sound quality of Zosam is incredible for the price

But if you’re looking for more and don’t want to spend the extra money for a more expensive speaker, give an equalizer app a try. 

Many portable Bluetooth speaker users have had great success with this. 

Just make sure you read up on how to make those adjustments. 

Still, between 50-80% volume, you’ll get a beautiful bass balanced with pretty fantastic mids and lows

And you’ll want to keep the volume between those ranges anyway to get more out of your battery.

Two Thumbs Up For Battery Life

You’ll have no worries and plenty of power with the Zosam speaker to get you through that exhilarating ATV ride through the forest. 

The climb up that snowy mountain is no problem either.

Zosam has a built-in Lithium-Ion 2200mAh rechargeable battery. And cold weather won’t drain your charge. 

Volume at 50-60% produces about 10 hours of playtime. You’ll get about 6-7 hours on max volume.

Ten hours of playtime are excellent for a bargain Bluetooth speaker. 

And since Zosam has such great volume leveling, you don’t have to worry about keeping the volume at mid-range.

If you’re going to be in an area where power isn’t available, you’ll need a little preparation. 

But there is ample power for most activities.

The battery charges up in about two and a half hours. 

Make sure you charge it fully before going on that fun excursion, and you’ll be all set.

Plus, Zosam has an auto-sleep mode to help conserve your speaker’s battery life.

The Micro USB Charging Cable comes with your speaker, but you’ll need to use an existing wall plug or buy one separately. 

Like most of these budget speakers, Zosam doesn’t come with the wall plug.

The battery life is good and handles cold temps like a champ. But what about range?

Fantastic Range For A Bargain Bluetooth

Zosam uses Bluetooth 4.2 technology, which allows for a safe and secure connection at top speed. And the best part is you get up to 66ft of range.  

Areas free from obstructions can provide a few more feet if the signal is strong enough.

You can enjoy your speaker from anywhere in the house, outside, and surrounding areas with this much range capability. 

Connect to your stereo and hang out with your neighbors at their pool. 

Well, make sure you’re invited first.

And you can take a call poolside if your phone isn’t by you. Just don’t drench your speaker with water.

Call Receiving Is A Breeze  

Another great feature is the built-in mic that gives you the freedom to receive calls and communicate with your cell phone. 

And one of the best qualities is the mode button on the speaker.

The Bluetooth/Phone control button allows you to answer a call if your phone isn’t by you. 

The music even pauses while you talk and picks up where it left off when you hang up. 

You’ll have plenty of range to keep your speaker connected and interruption-free. 

And you don’t have to be tied to your phone to be accessible. That’s what makes this speaker an excellent tool for business use, too.

The call clarity and volume is perfect for your meeting.

Plus you get several audio connection options.

Four Ways To Enjoy Your Audio

Having wireless technology is pretty fantastic, but Zosam went and added three more great ways to enjoy your best audio.

  • Aux port with an included auxiliary cable
  • SD/TF Card Slot
  • USB Connection and included cable

Take your favorite playlists stored on your SD card anywhere you want to enjoy your speaker. 

But you can also use a TF card because the speaker is compatible with both SD and TF cards. 

Just a quick note: A TF card only holds 128 GB while an SD card holds a whopping 2 TB. Imagine everything you can listen to with all that storage ability.

Listen to your best personal development podcast everywhere you go. Wireless connectivity is fast and stable with Zosam through 4.2 Bluetooth technology.

Plug into your computer with the USB connection cable and host a webinar.

Zosam has your success covered with several ways to manage your listening experience.

Let’s look at what else comes with your Zosam Portable Bluetooth speaker.

What Comes with Your Zosam Speaker?

You’re already getting an incredible deal with this steal of a speaker. 

Let’s start with what protection you get.

What Warranty Coverage Do I Have?

You get 30 days to try out your Zosam, and if it isn’t everything you thought it would be, Zosam takes it back – no questions asked.  

You also get a 12-month replacement warranty

If something malfunctions or breaks through no fault of your own, you get a replacement.

Make sure you save your purchase receipt and product information.  

You might have to return your defective unit for inspection, so keep your box and packing materials.

Now let’s see what else you get.

What’s in the box? 

First, the packaging is secure and protective. And here’s what’s inside

  • A rugged, well-built, and beautifully designed Bluetooth speaker weighing barely over a half-pound.
  • A plastic sleeve protects your speaker inside the package.
  • One USB Charging Cable (no wall plug)
  • One Aux cable
  • A port for a Micro SD and TF card (cards not included)
  • A built-in Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
  • One plastic carabiner clip

Make sure you read the manual. Operation is effortless, but things like the pairing, troubleshooting, and do’s and don’ts are helpful tips, so you get the most out of your investment.

The speaker comfortably fits in your hand and measures 5.6 x 2.8 x 2.1 inches. It’s small enough to throw in a backpack, purse, and large fanny pack. 

But the clip allows you to attach it to almost anything. 

Right out of the box, your Zosam speaker is compact and effortless to handle. The slightly raised touch controls are easy to feel and operate. 

There is a built-in mic for those important calls. And it remembers the last device you used and reconnects automatically.

Operation is effortless with Zosam’s excellent connectivity. 

A Beginner Bluetooth User’s Dream

Pairing your Zosam speaker is seamless. And it connects to any Bluetooth compatible device with ease because it has 4.2 Bluetooth.

To pair it with your phone, go to your Bluetooth settings, select the device, and it pairs in a snap.

The blue light turns solid once it is paired and ready to use.

After you’ve paired devices, Zosam remembers the last device you used and connects to it automatically.

The back of the unit has a Micro USB charging port, AUX port, and a Micro SD/TF card slot.

To use your Micro SD/TF card, you:

  • push the card into the slot
  • press and hold the power button for a quick second until the speaker recognizes it.
  • let the listening begin 

You’ll need to practice getting used to the timing. If you hold the power button down too long, you’ll shut off your device.

You can pause a song by quickly pressing the power button. Skip to the next or previous song with the -/+ volume controls. 

Make sure you do a long press. Short presses control the volume.

You’ll experience immediate enjoyment with all of the great features of your new Bluetooth speaker.  

What I Like

  • Reasonable price for the tight budget.
  • Exceptionally durable construction and design.
  • A fantastic range for a bargain speaker
  • Call receiving capability with play pause while you’re talking.

What I Don’t Like

  • The cheaply made clip doesn’t match the durable design of the speaker.
  • IPX6 rating isn’t that great for such a durable little speaker.

Who It’s Best For

You want a decent speaker that isn’t a waste of your hard-earned dollars.

You want something to hear your favorite audio that can handle your rough and tumble lifestyle. 

You love the rugged outdoors, and your speaker needs to keep up with you.

You don’t want to spend a lot since you need a few speakers for places you spend the most time, such as work, home, and travel.

These are uncertain times, so you want to be a smart buyer. You can feel confident that you’re getting a quality Bluetooth speaker for a fantastically low price.

Today is a great day to pick up your Zosam speaker. I’ve included the link directly to Amazon right here

Go ahead and get this great little speaker at a bargain price, and don’t look back.

You’re going to love the Zosam Speaker. It’s Bluetooth and portable.

If you want to look at some other fantastic Bluetooth speakers under $50, check out my Top Ten Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 50 in 2020 here.

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