The Best Record Player Stand

You cherish your vinyl collection and want to keep it in the best possible condition. After all, some of those records may be worth a pretty penny.

A well-organized record collection not only keeps your prized albums in the best condition but also shows them off. And why not when the artwork is so incredible? 

The Best Record Player Stand

Storing your record player in a neat and easily accessible location is paramount. You also want an easy way of finding the album you want to listen to, without pulling all of your albums out of place. If this is sounding familiar, then you’ll want to invest in a record player stand. 

It can be frustrating and time-consuming trying to hunt out the best storage solution for your record player and albums. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easier way to check the best options out there?

Well, look no further. Here are a selection of the best record player stands available, ready for your consideration. 

Top 12 Best Record Player Stands


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If your style can be described as industrial or rustic, this record player stand by IRONCK is right up your street!

In a time where all space is precious, this small record player stand is ideal. There are two choices of size to suit your needs and space requirement. 

The top shelf is ideal for displaying your record player while the middle shelf keeps your records neat and accessible. The feet have protectors fitted to save your floor from damage and scratches.

The shelves are made from sturdy laminated MDF, providing great value for money. The IRONCK customer service is available 24-7 in case you have any issues with the assembly.  


  • Easy assembly with customer service available 24-7
  • Versatile design
  • A compact stand that suits small spaces
  • Best budget purpose-built record player stand


  • Laminated MDF might chip easily so greater care is needed


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This modern industrial record player stand from Bush Furniture oozes sophistication and is a combination of “style, function, and durability”. The cut-out handle design offers a sleek finish to the cabinet.

The glass top shelf can accommodate small record players weighing up to 25lbs. The finish of the cabinet itself resembles reclaimed wood and is complemented by the black finish of the metal frame. 

The cabinet contains one adjustable shelf so that you can customize it to best suit your storage requirements. The shelf below the glass top offers a place for accessories to be stored.

The shape and size of the stand make it versatile and can be repurposed easily if desired in the future.

The total weight of the cabinet is 79.8lbs and is easily assembled by one person. This stand comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. 


  • The doors provide a neater overall appearance to the stand
  • 30” wide shelves for more customizable storage
  • Versatile cabinet design


  • The glass top has a maximum weight limit of 25lbs so may not be suited to heavier record players


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Sometimes a simple, elegant design is best. This Victrola wooden record player stand may not have any fancy features, but it is purpose-built in every way.

The stand is constructed from sturdy, real wood. The top shelf is ideal for housing your record player, with the main shelf will comfortably hold 50 records.

The compact nature of this stand makes it the perfect choice for those with smaller record collections. 

The unit is available in white, black, oak, espresso, and mahogany so you can match it easily to your other furniture. The total weight of the stand is 12.8lbs.

No additional tools are required to assemble the unit and it can be put together by a single person in about 15 minutes.  


  • Available in a wide variety of colors 
  • Easy assembly with clear instructions
  • Sturdy construction of real wood


  • This is a small unit so will not be suited to those with moderate or large record collections


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MyGift has designed a simple and sleek record player stand that is budget-friendly. The design features a grey wood top shelf with a matt black frame.

With a width of 25” and a depth of just over 11”, the shelf can accommodate your record player comfortably. The stand is lightweight at just over 9lbs and can be moved around easily by the handles. 

The rack consists of 14 slots which may not be enough to store your records. However, it would be perfect for displaying your favorite, most listened-to albums.

Due to the compact size of this stand and its limited storage, it would be better suited to those with smaller collections or alternative storage for the majority of their records.

The stand works great in the smallest of spaces. Minimal assembly by one person is required. 


  • Provides a more structured approach to storing and displaying your records
  • Sleek, timeless design
  • A compact design ideal for smaller spaces


  • The rack has limited storage


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Novogratz brings you this modern-retro take on a record player stand with the promise to meet all of your needs. At nearly 40” wide, this unit can fit a variety of record players and speakers without issue.

The two generously sized drawers offer ample storage for all of your accessories. Their cutout handle design eliminates the need for additional hardware and leaves a sleek finish to the unit.

The two cubby holes have metal wire dividers so that you can easily categorize and sort through your records. 

The unit is available in 6 different finishes and colors so there is guaranteed to be an option to suit your style. In addition, Novogratz offers other matching pieces of furniture for you to complete the look of your room.

The unit is made of laminated MDF which can be easily wiped down to clean. It is recommended for 2 adults to assemble this unit between them. 


  • Available in a variety of finishes and colors 
  • Wide unit for the ultimate storage and display combination
  • Other matching furniture also available 


  • Requires 2 adults to assemble


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This Everett mid-century record stand by Crosley Furniture features a traditional sideboard look that provides timeless and discreet storage.

The hinged top offers easy access to the record player compartment while allowing for discreet storage when not in use. There are convenient cut-outs for power cables in the backboard.

The one side of the cabinet has 2 shelf compartments with a wire rack for record storage on the other side. The wire rack can hold roughly 75 records. 

Crosley has a reputation for crafting quality furniture and this piece is no exception. This cabinet would be a great investment for those with sufficient room to dedicate to it.

It is available in black, mahogany, and oak. Assembly is straightforward with clear instructions but due to the weight of the item, you would benefit from having a second pair of hands to put it together and move it into place. 


  • A large amount of storage with a discreet space for your record player. 
  • Versatile use for other purposes
  • Available in 3 colors 


  • A large unit not suited to smaller spaces 


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This ultra-modern Lumina unit by Ameriwood Home is stylish and compact. This stand is available in a choice of grey, white, or black.

LED lighting has been incorporated above the glass shelf to add to the overall modern aesthetic of the stand, for a contemporary feel.

The light is powered by a USB cable and can be controlled via the remote control for convenience. You can change the color of the light to suit your preference. 

The Lumina record stand can hold roughly 80-85 records. The glass shelf is the ideal place to keep your speakers.

One person is required to assemble this unit. Assembly is straightforward, with video demonstrations available for you to watch before you commit to your purchase. You will require a screwdriver to complete the unit.  


  • Sleek, simplistic, and modern design
  • Available in 3 colors
  • LED lighting for customization with remote control


  • A thin backing board that lacks holes for cables 


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If you are looking to maximize your record storage in a compact space, this record player stand by Line Phono is an excellent choice. The top shelf will comfortably fit your record player with additional space for a large amplifier on the second shelf. 

Each shelf fits up to 100 records, providing storage for moderate and large collections. The shelves also have a groove at the front to display your favorite album artwork.

Whilst it may not have the most high-end design concept, the stand has a neutral color and would easily blend into its surroundings. 

The rubber feet can be individually leveled to compensate for uneven floor. There are several pre-drilled holes for optimum cable management.

There is also a hook on the side which is ideal to store headphones. This stand requires minimal assembly which can easily be carried out by one person. 


  • Provides a large amount of storage with a minimal footprint 
  • Plenty of room for accessories and a large amplifier
  • Perfect height for operating your record player comfortably


  • Features a more basic design than other models


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This unit from Vinyl Record Storage Solutions optimizes record storage for those with a medium record collection. Each cube section can hold up to 70 records.

You can also choose to use the sections to house speakers or amplifiers depending on your needs. Record players easily fit on the top of the unit and the cable can neatly run down the back.

The stand has an open back in case you want to house electrical items inside one of the cubes. It is easy to combine multiples of these units for extra storage. 

The stand is available in 5 colors: brown, black, weathered, grey, and espresso. The main material is a thick laminate-covered particle board with MDF, providing a sturdy base for your record player.

A small amount of assembly is required but it can easily be carried out by one person with the aid of the instructions.   


  • A neat storage solution for up to 280 records 
  • 5 color choices available 
  • Easily customizable storage
  • The option with the most available storage 


  • The laminate covering can scratch easily


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This coffee table will not only proudly display your record player, but will also safely store your records. Each cube is capable of housing around 50 vinyl records.

The unit comprises laminated particleboard, MDF, and durable steel for a rustic or industrial look.

As the steel legs run the length of the table for added stability and sturdiness, the table has a max load of around 250lbs. There is also a selection of matching furniture available.   

There is a small lip at the back that stops your records from sliding out too far. The assembly requirements are minimal and the unit can be put together with just a screwdriver.

The directions are easy to follow, with videos and detailed instructions also on the manufacturer’s website. 


  • Ideal for dual use as a coffee table and record player stand
  • Matching furniture available 
  • Maximum load of 250lbs


  • A low unit which might be difficult for some users


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The overall design of the Vulcan is sleek and functional. Whilst the unit does not take up too much room, it can display your record player perfectly, leaving it accessible.

What’s more, the storage shelves can hold over 100 records, making this unit a great choice for those with medium collections.

If your collection grows over time, you also have the option of buying an additional shelf. The shelves are 23” wide and 18” deep. 

The Vulcan stand is available in mahogany or black wood with scratch-resistant finishes. It is a quality stand, made with heavy-duty wood to stand the test of time.

The stand comes with 4 mini saucer discs to be placed under the feet to protect your floor. The stand weighs a total of 33.8lbs and is easily assembled by one person in under 20 minutes. 


  • Holds over 100 records
  • Sturdy, reliable stand with a scratch-resistant finish
  • Timeless design
  • Designed by an audio-focused manufacturer 


  • The spiked feet are not for everyone but can easily be replaced with others purchased separately


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Convenience Concepts have developed this end table which is perfect for portable, small record players.

Although technically classed as an end table, this stand would work well for those who appreciate a minimalist approach to their furniture.

Your record player can be displayed on the top of the stand whilst there is room for a few of your favorite records to lie flat on the main tabletop. 

The table is designed in a mid-century style and is available in mahogany or espresso depending on your preference.

It weighs a total of 18lbs so it can be moved easily despite its sturdiness. It is only 15” wide which makes it perfect for smaller spaces. 


  • A quality piece of timeless furniture
  • Minimalistic for a neater record stand option
  • Doubles as an end table, with easily accessible tabletop space 


  • Not much room overall for storage and is better suited to those with alternative record storage for most of their collection 

Best Record Player Stands Buying Guide

Storage Capacity

One of the most important considerations for buying a record player stand is the amount of storage that you require. Think about the size of your collection and how much you expect it to grow.

It may be worth you getting a larger unit than you need right now so that it will last you longer in the future. Also, what do you need the unit to store?

Do you have additional amplifiers, speakers, and vinyl records? Make sure the unit you purchase works for your needs. 

Size & Style of Unit

Some record player stands are more compact than others. Look at the space you can afford to give to an effective record player stand.

If you live in an apartment or a smaller living space, you do not want to buy an overbearing piece of furniture. It is also best to avoid heavy furniture if you move around a lot.

Do you need a vertical or horizontal unit? Is it worth investing in a unit that has a dual purpose such as a coffee table or sideboard?

You also want a unit that suits your style and that does not look out of place with your other furniture. If you are trying to furnish an entire room, there are several stands out there with other matching pieces of furniture available.   

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you make a record player stand?

The easiest way to make a record player stand is to repurpose another form of a unit, such as a coffee table, end table, or even a chest of drawers.

You can control what storage the option offers you and tailor it to your needs. You can also customize it to match your style. 

How do you keep vinyl records upright?

The best way to keep your records upright is to store them in a unit or storage box.

If you keep your records at an angle they may warp and become unplayable. You can also use a crate to keep them supported. 

What is the difference between a record player and a turntable?

A record player applies to a whole system set up which includes a turntable, speakers, and amplifier.

A turntable is a term used for just the motorized platform that the record sits on when played.  

What should I put my turntable on?

You should always put your turntable on a flat, level surface to prevent unwanted scratches, friction, and uneven pressure.

A record player stand will help you to safely use your record player whilst also storing some, if not all, of your records.

Do not move your record player or turntable while it is in use and make sure you remove the record from the turntable before moving it, to prevent damage. 

How do you store vinyl records?

The best and most protective way to store your vinyl records is to keep them in their original sleeves when you are not using them.

Store them upright on a storage unit or storage box and keep them out of direct sunlight and away from moisture. It is also best to store them out of the reach of children and pets. 

How do you make a turntable?

While you can make a turntable, it is not advised. The sound quality will not be as good as that produced from a purpose-built record player and you may accidentally damage your records.

If you still want to give it a go as a project, you can use a lazy Suzanne and a motor to control the spinning capabilities. You will also need to know how to wire up speakers and an arm to read your record. 

Is it bad to leave records on a turntable?

Leaving records on a turntable can lead to a build-up of dust and small particles of debris on the surface of the record.

If you then use your record, the surface can become scratched and damaged, compromising the quality and playability of your record. 

Is it normal for a record to wobble?

If your record is wobbling, make sure that the stand is level.

If it isn’t and your record continues to wobble, your record could scratch and be damaged permanently. 

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