Polk Audio PSW10 Powered Home Theater Subwoofer Review

When it comes to your home theater systems, a subwoofer can really change the game. 

There’s nothing worse is there than the climax of a movie ruined by some pathetic muffled bomb-explosion?

Or the drop of your favorite song failing to make any impact whatsoever? Or your fight-scene in a game brought to its knees by low, crackling volume?

Well, that is where a subwoofer comes in to save the day!

Focusing on your bass, delivering the lower frequencies usually made from kick drums, bass guitars, and those sweet, sweet sound effects you get during explosions for example. 

Not only will it allow you to really feel, as well as listen to your music, it can help to improve the overall sound quality of your existing home theater system. 

Sounds like something you needed like yesterday? Well, I have found the perfect one for you!

Keep reading for a Polk Audio PSW10 powered home theater subwoofer review that will provide you with all the information you need to get yourself the subwoofer of your dreams!


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For those of you in a hurry, here’s an overview of the Polk Audio PSW10 Powered Home Theater Subwoofer to give you the need to know info and get you going! 

  • It provides excellent sound quality even at low frequencies and high volumes  
  • It works best with small to mid-sized rooms
  • Designed to work with any existing system and speakers making it easy to set-up
  • Highly durable with a 3-year warranty
  • No distortion thanks to its laser-based technology 
  • Affordable and with free shipping it's a great choice for those on a budget
  • 10-inch balance woofer so it won’t take up too much space
  • Resonance free balance driver materials provide superior system blending for deep, low musical frequencies
  • Uniquely configured to produce maximum bass impact 
  • It does not come with a remote to adjust the bass levels

For those who like me need absolutely every detail, keep on reading!


For those wondering if it will fit in their space, the subwoofer measures 16.2 x 14 x 14.4 inches.

It's a great size for those looking to place within a small to midsize room, but be sure to measure your space first! You don’t want to be disappointed.  

Weighing in at 26 lbs, it's certainly not lightweight, but thanks to its sleek style, will sit discreetly on your floor, or tucked into your existing set-up.  

Described as a 10-inch balance woofer, it's great for those looking for a mid-sized subwoofer to add to their sound system for their home theaters.  

Sound quality?

The Polk Audio PSW10 does not fail to deliver high-quality sound. 

 The subwoofer provides extra and accurate bass and added depth to bring your music and movies to life. A proper Frankenstein piece of kit, eh?

Polk’s subwoofer is designed to provide a louder and clearer sound even at high volume, great for those who want to really feel their music in their veins, and eardrums. 

The subwoofer is continuously variable thanks to its 80-160 Hz crossover and 40-60 Hz frequency response. 

The subwoofer features a resonance-free dynamic balance driver, outperforming competitors subwoofers.

The driver blends the right materials, speaker geometry and enclosed construction to produce a cleaner and clearer sound. 

Polk designed their enclosures with perfect volume in mind. They are internally braced and damped to help eliminate internal standing waves and other resonances which can impact the performance. 

You can relax next to your home theater knowing you are getting the best sound with this subwoofer. 

The dynamic balance driver materials stay stiff and move fast, which provides great durability!

From this you get deep musical low frequencies and thrilling effects thanks to its system blending dubbed superior.  


Distortion is an issue to look out for, where your sounds can sound gritty, fuzzy, and not as clear as you would like. 

Polk’s subwoofer leaves you with no distortion thanks to its laser-based Klippel measurement technology. 

This technology works to optimize the woofer’s motor structure, voice coil alignment, and suspension.

What this does is provide a smooth movement over a broad spectrum of lower frequencies. 

This gives you the most efficient performance even at extreme listening levels, meaning you can really crank that volume up, just make sure not to startle neighbors and small children! 


Thanks to its built-in 50 watt RMS amplifier, the subwoofer doubles the amplifying power to 100 watts.

This keeps your subwoofer stable and steady, even at high volumes, providing you with more efficient use of power and avoiding ‘escaped washing machine’ syndrome. 

The durability of this subwoofer makes it great for extended use. 


Polk’s subwoofer is sleek, with a detachable grille on the front allowing you the option to customize your subwoofer to your space. 

It's designed with high rail foam surrounds to provide a longer excursion that makes the sound even better.

The subwoofer has a traditional wooden look in a titanium baffle design, making it a sturdy and stylish piece to add to your home theater system. 

Ins and outs

The inputs and outputs are always important, especially to make sure your subwoofer is going to suit all of your needs. 

For your inputs, you get a stereo line-level offering (2) RCA, Pair (L/R) Analog RCA. 

Your speaker input features a pair of spring terminals also, which match your audio and speaker outputs.

This gives you the ease of connecting to any system, a clear win for Polk here! 

Polk’s subwoofer also features a Phase Toggle Switch for multiple subwoofers which make this subwoofer cohesive and complete. 

Set up

The subwoofer is designed to work with any speaker and integrate into your existing system with ease. 

The back panel is clearly marked making it convenient to use and easy to get yourself set up and started!

Customers have praised its easy set-up, by simply hooking this up to the RCA port on the existing sound system. Yes, it really is that easy! 

The subwoofer also features smart sensing circuitry which knows when to turn itself on and off making it even easier to use. 

It is worth noting that the subwoofer does not come with a remote to adjust the volume and with the adjustment knobs on the back, you may want to take care when placing the subwoofer in your room. 


Polk’s subwoofer is praised for its affordability. It's great for those on a budget that are looking to enhance the bass and sound quality of their existing home system and speakers. 

Thanks to its adaptability to work with any speakers too, you will really struggle to be beaten on price and versatility. 

Those already exploring the sound world won’t need me to tell them just how quickly the cost racks up.

The affordable price makes this a great purchase for those dipping their toe into the world of quality sound, or those seasoned bass-lovers looking to save some of their hard-earned coins. 

Polk offers a 3-year warranty on all of their subwoofers too which provides you with the peace of mind that you are well looked after should any trouble arise!

Why a subwoofer?

A subwoofer is designed to enhance the quality and volume of your bass and lower frequency sounds. 

It works to deliver the lower frequencies, usually 20-200Hz, that traditional surround sound set-up can’t reproduce. 

The subwoofer will take on some of that heavy lifting that your system was doing trying to produce that bass, so having one can help to improve your all over sound quality too! 

Where does it go?

As every room is made differently, you may find it takes some trial and error to get your subwoofer in the best place for you. 

If you aren’t lucky enough to have your own home theater room (I know, sucks doesn’t it) you’ll need to be mindful of the floor space you are taking up.

Thankfully Polk’s PSW10 is a decent size that it can be discreetly tucked into your space. 

It is worth noting that if the room your home theater is in has some standing volume issues, it may be better to address these before purchasing your subwoofer to maximize its potential and not leave you disappointed!

Acoustic panels, diffusers and bass traps can help to improve the room’s acoustics, remember that these will be an added cost, so keep an eye on any budget you may have previously set! 


The Polk Audio PSW10 subwoofer is a great piece of kit for those looking to enhance their sound experience. 

Great for those after a thumping good bass and high-quality performance that will stand the test of time. 

An affordable option that is still made with high-quality material, the offer of no distortion, and amazing quality even at loud volumes. 

Although it does not come with a remote, this subwoofer provides excellent value for money and thanks to its 3-year warranty, it's a product you can put your trust in and relax to your thumping tunes! 

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