Micca RB42 Review; Bookshelf Speakers with Exceptional Sound And More

Bookshelf speakers are a smart alternative if you are short on space for the larger floor-standing speakers. Contrary to popular belief, premium bookshelf speakers can offer the same sonic aspects of their larger counterparts, the floor-standing speakers. 

If you are investing in one of the top-performing bookshelf speakers available today, the Micca bookshelf speakers should be right up your alley. My Micca RB42 review will help you make a more informed decision.   

Micca RB42 Review

There are many reasons why getting a bookshelf speaker system can be a viable choice if you lack space in your room for the traditional and much larger, floor-standing speakers.

The best part about getting bookshelf speakers is that they are sleek and compact but allow you to put a better performing soundstage for music, especially in tiny rooms.  

You can check out more on the Micca RB42 bookshelf speakers on Amazon or read on to find out more about this fantastic bookshelf speaker system.

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What to Consider Before Buying the Micca RB42 Bookshelf Speakers?

It’s not an unusual situation; you see an impressive speaker system online and want to buy it for your home. The only problem is, the bulky, floor-standing speaker is going to take up too much space, which you don’t have.

So, what’s the solution? Well, some people might decide to go the extreme route and just get a larger house.

But, for many of us, chances are, you can’t afford the luxury of adding a few more square yards to your rental home. Enter bookshelf speakers.

They offer a great alternative to the larger floor-standing speakers available in the market.

What makes bookshelf speakers an attractive choice for those who do not have enough space for larger speakers is the compact bookshelf speaker can be stored neatly on a bookshelf (although it’s not recommended), a table, or on a speaker stand.

Since they are smaller in size, you will also have more speaker placement choices so you can enjoy the full audio range of your bookshelf speakers. 

With the compact shape, sleek design and incredible audio range the Micca RB42 has to offer; you can solve the issues of: 

  • Not having enough space for floor standing speakers
  • Getting large speakers could result in a muffled sound
  • Investing in larger floor standing speakers cost more

If you’re like me, you’ve probably already tried out multiple different speakers in all shapes and sizes.

While bulkier floor standing speakers are an excellent choice if you are going to place them in a large room, for smaller rooms, bookshelf speakers, such as the Micca RB42, not only perform well but are also going to save you a ton of space.

Presenting the Micca RB42 Bookshelf Speakers

As far as premium quality bookshelf speakers go, the Micca RB42 speakers are considered to be the best in the market at its price point.

Micca is a Chinese brand that follows a long tradition of designing exceptional passive and active loudspeakers. The high level of quality their speaker systems offer makes it easy to see why Micca has quickly become a household name. 

The Micca RB42 speakers are what you’re looking for if you want bookshelf speakers that can deliver a high level of performance. Some of the features of the RB42 bookshelf speakers are; 

  • A modern design that fits nicely in any contemporary setting
  • Small footprint does not take up too much space
  • Premium materials and finishing 
  • Powerful sound

When it comes to investing in a reliable bookshelf speaker, you should not look any further than the Micca RB42 bookshelf speakers.

With the user in mind, it is noticeable for its sleek, modern design and cutting edge audio technology, making it one of the best bookshelf speakers in the market today.  

But, the best part about the Micca RB42 bookshelf speakers is they are available at an affordable price, which means you get the same level of quality as you would get with more expensive speakers.

It makes the RB42, the perfect choice for anybody who is planning to get their first compact, bookshelf speaker system.

Pros of the Micca RB42

  • 4-inch coated paper rubber surround woofer
  • 0.75-inch silk dome tweeter
  • 10-element cross over for better tonal balance
  • Sleek, compact design
  • Elegant, ported cabinet enclosure 

Cons of the Micca RB42

  • Requires an amplifier
  • Speaker wires not included

Now, let’s take a deep dive look at the Micca RB42 bookshelf speakers.

Sleek Modern Design Makes these Speakers Visually Appealing while its Smart Design Helps Minimize Sound Distortion.  

It can be incredibly difficult to manufacture a bookshelf speaker that not only looks good but is also able to perform at the same level as it looks. So keeping that in mind, the Micca Rb42 is quite an achievement.

With this bookshelf speaker, you get a sleek unit with a small footprint, making it easier to keep anywhere. The small, lightweight design also makes it easier to move around until you find the perfect spot for these speakers. 

This time around, Micca has gone with the simple look for the RB42 bookshelf speakers, but that doesn’t mean these speakers are boring to the eye.

Some of the first things you are going to notice with the Micca RB42 bookshelf speakers are the smooth, rounded curves, which can make the speaker fit comfortably in any modern or contemporary setting

Apart from just looking great, the RB42 speaker design minimizes any distortion, easily noticeable once you crank up the volume.

Its modern design and powerful technology make the Micca RB42 an excellent choice for premium bookshelf speakers, which will not cost you an arm or a leg. 

The 4-inch Woofer has Been Integrated Nicely in the RB42’s Frame, Enabling it to Deliver an Exceptional Level of Bass 

The first thing you will notice with the Micca RB42 bookshelf speaker is its thumping bass output, which is impressive considering its compact size. Thanks to the stout, 4-inch woofer smartly fitted into the frame of the Micca RB42.

The truncated heavy steel frame and the befitting magnet structure means you get to enjoy a level of sound quality that one could only expect from one of the big-name brands or those bookshelf speakers that come with a fancy price tag.  

What’s makes the design of the RB42 different is it features a long-throw design because of the coated pressed paper cone, which is protected by the concave dust cap.

A large radius rubber surrounds along with a vented pole piece neatly integrated into the speaker’s design. The specific design and combination of the latest woofer and tweeter technology allow the RB42 to deliver a truly exceptional audio performance.    

Dynamic Tweeter Boasts of Cutting Edge Technology to Deliver Crisp and Clear High Notes with Ease

Another significant aspect of the Micca RB42 bookshelf speakers is the mighty tweeter, which nicely complements the 4-inch woofer’s strong magnet.

The tweeter’s design, used in the Micca RB42 bookshelf speakers, is based on the brand’s best-selling, 0.75-inch silk dome tweeter. This tweeter uses a high-efficiency neodymium magnet, which delivers crisp and clear notes with relative ease.

Another major selling point of these specially designed tweeters is its form-cut bezel specially designed for tight driver spacing.  

10-Element Crossover Ensures the Perfect Tonal Balance  

The Micca rb42x amp also boasts a 10-element crossover, which is not very common in bookshelf speakers available at the same price point and is testament to Micca’s ability to ensure you get the best audio experience possible, even on a budget.

The 10-element crossover uses premium-grade film capacitors along with top-shelf air core coils for critical components.  

Since both the woofer and tweeter used in the Micca RB42 bookshelf speakers have circuits that come with an 18db/octave slope for enhanced power handling, the 10-element crossover also results in an off-axis performance that’s simply unmatched when compared to other bookshelf speakers at the same price point.

Micca RB42 or MB42x (micca mb42x amp)?

When choosing a Micca product, it can be a matter of whether to buy the Micca RB42 or the MB42x. The Micca MB42x amp has always been the more attractive choice when it comes to budget speaker systems.

But, the release of the Micca RB42 bookshelf speaker offers some exciting features along with reliable audio performance.

The RB42 also scores better in the design department, since it’s around an inch smaller and has a smaller footprint than the MB42x.

The black painted MB42x contrasts distinctly with the RB42 model that comes with a beautiful, elegant veneer. Also, the binding posts on the Micca RB42 are far sturdier and are of higher quality, if you plan on hanging the speakers on the wall.

Are Micca Speakers Any Good?

If you’re looking for a speaker system capable of filling a full room, the Micca RB42 won’t be your first choice. After all, that’s where floor-standing speaker systems come in.

But, the Micca RB42 bookshelf speakers is right if you’re looking for a powerful and compact bookshelf speaker which does not take up much space and delivers a high level of performance,  is for you.   

What Do Buyers Say?

I have gone through dozens of reviews online for the Micca RB42 bookshelf speakers. The vote seems to be unanimous; the Micca RB42 delivers on its promise when it comes to a superb audio experience and a compact design that looks great in any setting.

Many reviewers couldn’t get enough of the Micca RB42 max volume, which packs quite a punch while being crystal clear at the same time, which is not something you’d expect from a budget speaker system. 

Many online reviews praise Micca for what they’ve managed to achieve with the RB42, but there are complaints. The main one is that you will need an amplifier if you want to experience the exceptional level of audio quality this speaker has to offer.

Here Are Some Alternatives to the Micca RB42 Bookshelf Speakers

Here are some alternatives to the Micca RB42 speakers, you might want to try:

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  • 5-inch driver for better sound quality
  • 1-inch soft-dome Ferrofluid cooled tweeter
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Max Power Input: 100 watts

The Fluance SX6W bookshelf speakers come highly rated for those who are looking for premium quality bookshelf speakers. This speaker system certainly delivers a lot more power thanks to its larger, 5-inch woofer. 

But, while it can deliver some dynamic low frequency, the performance of the SX6W does suffer when it comes to providing crisp high notes. And that is where the Micca RB42 shines.

Check out the Fluance SX6W Bookshelf Speaker on Amazon here.


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  • 4-inch woofer
  • 1-inch high-efficiency soft dome tweeter
  • Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms
  • Max Power Input: 80 watts

The Pioneer BS22 is another viable alternative to the Micca RB42 when it comes to bookshelf speakers.

The BS22 is considered one of Pioneer’s best work yet in the design department and offers decent acoustics.

Again, it lacks depth when it comes to reaching those low frequencies, which gives the Micca RB42 its performance oomph.

It also means the RB42 is a better choice for getting an overall decent performance from your bookshelf speakers.

Take a look at the Pioneer BS22 bookshelf speakers here on Amazon. 


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  • 5-inch woofer
  • 1-inch soft-dome tweeter
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Max Power Input: 100 watts

If you simply can’t resist all the trappings of a larger speaker, then the Jamo S 803 bookshelf speaker should be right up your alley. This speaker boasts of a large 5-inch woofer and a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter. 

The front-firing tube port ensures multiple placement options, and the overall design is sleek and sophisticated. But, the Micca RB42 still surprisingly manages to get an edge over the S 803 in audio quality.

If you have a large room, go with the S 803, but those with small or medium-sized rooms should stick with the Micca RB42. 

It’s worth looking at the Jamo S 803 bookshelf speakers on Amazon here. 


Overall, the Micca RB42 bookshelf speakers will be your best choice if you’re looking for something sleek and compact.

The compact design of the RB42 makes it easy to place just about anywhere in a room and still enjoy the same exquisite audio quality level.

Additionally, the modern technologies infused into its design makes the Micca RB42 bookshelf speaker a clear winner in the sound department for compact and affordable bookshelf speakers. 

To check out the Micca RB42 Bookshelf speakers, click here.

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