Fluance SX6WH Review: Bookshelf Speaker More than Sleek?

Looking to get an incredible bookshelf speaker for your home? If so, reading this Fluance SX6WH review might prompt you to buy this bookshelf speaker.

If you’re like me, you don’t readily get impressed by a sleek designed speaker, which looks like it just came out of the set of Star Trek.

I’m always extra cautious when it comes to speakers. That’s especially when it comes to choosing the style and functionality of a bookshelf speaker.

Often you have to sacrifice one for the other. That’s not the case with the Fluance SX6WH bookshelf speaker. It offers you an exceptional level of quality along with:

  • A sleek overall design
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Easy integration with your home theater system

If you’ve already decided, check out the Fluance SX6WH on Amazon.

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What to Consider Before Buying the Fluance SX6WH?

Getting the perfect bookshelf speakers for rear surround sound is not easy. Not getting it right the first time when choosing a bookshelf speaker could mean not being able to enjoy the actual performance of the speaker.

This mostly occurs when people get too carried away when choosing speakers and either go with one that’s too large (aka; the floor-standing speakers) or too small, which does not make it possible to enjoy your favorite music.

Looking to invest in a reliable bookshelf speaker? There are some factors you will need to consider to make sure you’re able to get the most bang for your buck. Some of the things which need to be focused on include:

  • The speaker’s footprint (size)
  • Its versatility (placement options)
  • Integration (connection with TV, PC or home theater system)
  • Cost

The good news is, when it comes to sound quality and design, bookshelf speakers, especially the Fluance Signature Series, has come a long way from its predecessors. In the following lines, we are going to uncover the various features of the Fluance SX6WH and find out what it is an excellent choice for all those people looking for a high-performance and reliable bookshelf speaker.

Presenting the Fluance SX6WH Speaker

This comes as no surprise, but the Fluance SX6WH bookshelf speakers are highly rated to be one of the best bookshelf speakers available in the market today.

These speakers have been built to provide superior sound quality and can pack a punch when it comes to the bass and mid-range.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say the Fluance has single-handedly revolutionized home audio, which is easily noticeable with this Fluance SX6 review. The company has been successful in doing this by using superior components along with a high-level of cutting-edge engineering techniques. 

This has resulted in the brand producing some of the most sought-after speakers for home use, and the Fluance SX6WH bookshelf speaker is no exception.

The Fluance SX6WH bookshelf speakers come with an attractive overall design that offers you the best of both worlds: superior sound and easy-to-access controls. The bass port of this bookshelf speaker is located at the front.

The Canadian-based audio brand started from humble beginnings but quickly rose to be one of the more recognized names when it comes to high-performance speakers who are engineered to perfection. 

The brand, which was established back in 1999 by Deepak Jain, is today one of the most sought-after names when it comes to quality speakers, including the Fluance Signature Series. 

Through the years, the design philosophy at Fluance has been simple; to create speaker designs deliver serious performance.

Pros of the Fluance SX6WH

  • Works exceptionally well with any type of music
  • Sleek and sophisticated design
  • Dynamic balance
  • Multiple placement options
  • Engineered MDF wood construction
  • Premium finish

Cons of the Fluance SX6WH

  • Large for a PC setup
  • Bass not as powerful

Let’s have a closer look at the Fluance SX6WH bookshelf speaker.

Solid Engineered MDF Wood Cabinet Gives it a Premium Quality Look and Reduces Sound Resonance

One of the first things you will notice with the Fluance SX6WH right out the box is its top-shelf quality design. It is clear the folks up at Fluance have spared no expense to ensure this Fluance Signature Series offers users with an exceptional level of detail along with a sophisticated design

If you’re looking for a bookshelf speaker sounds great and looks great, then the Fluance SX6 delivers in spades.

The MDF construction, coupled with thicker baffles and bracing, ensures you get a bookshelf speaker, which looks impressive regardless of where it’s placed. The high-quality engineered MDF wood construction has a functional purpose as well.

The MDF wood construction has been designed to help reduce cabinet resonance as well, which significantly improves the sound quality of the speakers.

The rugged design of these bookshelf speakers means they look great with or without the transparent grille.

5-inch Polymer Treated Driver with Butyl Rubber Surround for Better Sound Efficiency

The 5-inch Polymer treated driver, which has been fitted in the Fluance SX6WH, comes along with a Butyl rubber surround, which adds to the drama in the sound department, and it’s a good thing.

The rubber surround features a textured dust cap to protect the driver.

The heavy-duty poly cone which has been included in the Fluance SX6 is massive, considering it’s for a bookshelf speaker, and significantly improves the overall sound quality of the speakers and gets you extra oomph.

The tuned bass port in the Fluance SX6WH also ensures better control and response of low frequencies along with improved efficiency.

One-Inch Soft Dome Ferrofluid Cooled Tweeter

The Fluance SX6WH bookshelf speakers feature a 1-inch dome tweeter boasts of extra surround material. This ensures a smoother response once the volume has been cranked up.

This also improves the reaction if crossed over low, which is another added advantage of this particular bookshelf speaker.

The unique shape of the dome tweeter means it can deliver superior dampening properties as compared to other bookshelf speakers available in the market today.

Upon further inspection, you will also notice the large magnets attached together at the back of the Ferrofluid cooled tweeter. This means twice the power in these tweeters, which is important for reaching those mid-range and high frequencies.

Advanced Magnetic Shielding Eliminates Interference

One of the standout features of the Fluance SX6WH bookshelf speaker is the integration of the magnetic shielding, which has been included in its design.

The purpose of this new feature is to help the speaker eliminate any interference generated due to any nearby signals. The Butterworth audio crossovers in the Fluance SX6WH significantly improve equalization. This takes the sound to the next level, regardless of where it is placed in the room.

What Do Buyers Say?

The Fluance SX6WH bookshelf speakers enjoy rave reviews from customers, which comes as no surprise since the brand has been known for delivering an exceptional level of quality with their speakers.

The Fluance SX6WH bookshelf speakers go above and beyond in terms of style and functionality, which has gotten its users the most excited based on the reviews they have left online.

But, to be fair, the Fluance SX6WH bookshelf speaker is a stunner, and not only looks the part but produces a smooth, velvety sound is something you’d expect from Fluance. Its seamless design and high level of functionality make it a winner.

Some Alternatives to the Fluance SX6WH Bookshelf Speaker

Here are some alternatives to the Fluance SX6WH you might take a shine to:

[amazon fields=”B009IUIV4A” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]


  • 5.25-inch woofer
  • 1.1-inch dome tweeter
  • Remote control
  • Max Power Input: 120 watts

The Micca MB42S is another great budget speaker that offers some great features considering its price point. While this bookshelf speaker looks great, unfortunately, it does not sound as good as the Fluance Surround.

The Micca MB42S is a passive speaker boasts of a 4-inch carbon fiber woofer and a silk dome tweeter. Both of which complement each other well.

This bookshelf speaker also features a classic appearance that might appeal to some people.

One of the downsides of using the MB42S is, you are going to need an amplifier. If you don’t have one, then choosing between the Fluance SX6WH vs. Micca RBX is simple.

Check out the Micca MB42S Bookshelf Speaker here.

[amazon fields=”B01LMJ2NY8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]


  • 5.5-inch woofer
  • Silk tweeters
  • Hand-crafted cabinets
  • Nominal Impedance: 4, 6, and 8 ohms
  • Max Power Input: 150 watts

Audioengine HDP6 Passive Bookshelf Speaker is another name that comes to mind when considering a reliable bookshelf speaker.

These speakers offer excellent sound quality, whether you are playing them in a small or medium-sized room.

The speakers are constructed with custom Audioengine components. You get silk tweeters and an Aramid fiber woofer. The cabinet of the Audioengine HDP6 has been hand-crafted, offering a premium quality product.

Check out the Audioengine HDP6 Passive Bookshelf Speakers here.

[amazon fields=”B077R97JHR” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]


  • 5.25-inch fiberglass woofer
  • 1-inch soft-dome tweeter
  • LED indicators
  • Comes with a remote
  • Max Power Input: 50 watts

The Peachtree Audio M25 bookshelf speaker is a great option if you are looking for an alternative to the Fluance SX6WH (although, I don’t see why you would). If you want a dependable bookshelf speaker that can deliver excellent sound, then the Peachtree Audio M25 Powered Speakers should be right up your alley.

The M25 powered speakers by Peachtree do not offer a rich range of sound, but they are attractive to look at and make a great style statement while delivering a decent sound quality.

Check out the Peachtree Audio M25 Powered Speakers here.


The Fluance SX6WH bookshelf speaker offers users with an exceptional level of quality to users. The passive bookshelf speakers are the ideal choice for those who are looking to enjoy a high level of sound quality at home.

The Fluance SX6 has been specially designed to deliver a fantastic sound with its large woofer, which is nicely complemented with the solid tweeters.

The Fluance SX6WH bookshelf speakers feature an impressive array of features that quickly make it one of the smart choices you can go for when looking for a reliable and fully-functional bookshelf speaker.

While some might find these speakers to be a tad large for a bookshelf speaker, you will soon find out the connection between the large size of these speakers and its incredible level of performance, which makes it worth it.

The smart configuration of components means you get to enjoy a bookshelf speaker that has been designed to perfection and offers a premium sound that is simply unmatched when compared to other bookshelf speakers of its price point.

To check out the Fluance SX6WH on Amazon click here.

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