Edifier P12 Review: Reliable Bookshelf Speaker?

Finding the right bookshelf speaker can be a tough nut to crack, mainly because not all speakers offer the right balance of sound efficiency and functionality like you'll find after reading my Edifier P12 review.

Like many other audiophiles, I too have owned large floor-standing speakers, but, moving into a smaller space meant having to swap the bulky, floor-standing speakers for something more manageable – enter the Edifier P12 passive bookshelf speakers.

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What to Consider Before Buying the Edifier P12 Passive Bookshelf Speakers?

There are many reasons why you would go for the Edifier p12 passive bookshelf speakers if you have less space for the larger floor-standing speakers.

But, the good news is, going with a bookshelf speaker does not mean having to sacrifice on sound quality. In fact, bookshelf speakers such as the Edifier P12 offers impressive sound quality along with:

  • A small footprint (it fits almost anywhere).
  • Easy integration with your PC or home theater system.
  • Affordable cost, which means you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for the P12 bookshelf speaker.

When looking for a reliable bookshelf speaker that can fit easily almost anywhere in a room, on a table, stand, shelf, or even the ground, the P12 is one name that pops to mind because of its incredibly versatile design.

This makes the Edifier p12 passive bookshelf speakers the right choice for those who want to get the same high level of sound quality when purchasing a bookshelf speaker as they had with the much larger floor-standing speakers.

It is essential to note, though, that you can’t expect to get the same deep bass of a sizeable floor-standing speaker and their large woofers. But the Edifier p12 does deliver a decent sound quality that can comfortably fill up a small or medium-sized room.

Besides, the excellent combination of features that have been included in its design means you’re certainly not going to regret having invested in the Edifier p12 passive bookshelf speakers.

Presenting the Edifier P12 Passive Bookshelf Speakers

The brand, Edifier has come a long way in speaker design, which means it’s no surprise that the company has many iterations of its speakers make it to the top of the list whenever it comes to the best speakers.

Edifier specializes in designing and manufacturing premium quality speakers. With their team of experienced professionals, the company has proven time and again that they are among the top speaker and audio solutions providers who take great pride in their ability to offer elegant designs and the latest technological innovations in their speakers.

The Edifier P12 passive bookshelf speakers are no different. Staying true to its tradition, with the P12 and P17, Edifier has once again flexed its muscles and proven to the world that whenever there’s a list of the best performing speaker systems, they are never too far behind.

It’s one of the reasons why Edifier has been among the top-rated speaker designers for the past two decades. The brand has grown dramatically to become a globally recognized brand that enjoys a presence in over 70 countries.

So, it’s safe to say that when it comes to exquisite speaker design and functionality, Edifier is no slouch in delivering the goods. The Edifier P12 passive bookshelf speakers are a testament to the company’s commitment towards providing speaker solutions that offer the very best in audio quality.

Pros of the Edifier P12:

  • The high-quality wood veneer MDF enclosure
  • Sleek and sophisticated design
  • 4-inch base driver
  • Silk dome tweeters
  • Multiple placement options
  • Specially designed enclosure for reduced resonance

Cons of the Edifier P12:

  • Lacking mid-range
  • Semi-filling sound capabilities in a room

Let’s have a closer look at the Edifier p12 passive bookshelf speakers.

Solid Veneer MDF Enclosure Reduces Cabinet Resonance

What you can’t help noticing with the Edifier P12 right out the box is its premium quality design. The folks up at Edifier took their time in perfecting the appearance of the P12, which adds to its value. The robust veneer MDF wooden enclosure, which protects the driver and tweeter, is sturdy and well built. The unique design of the MDF enclosure means there is a significantly reduced speaker resonance. This is a significant improvement and improves the overall sound of the speaker, as well.

The light wood grain that’s been combined with charcoal gray finish offers a nice touch and enhances the overall design of these bookshelf speakers. What’s more, the gray color grille in the P12 has been smoothened down, so the sound is not hindered by any hard-cover grille.

The elegant design and high-end finish of the Edifier P12 passive bookshelf speakers mean it can be easily used both with and without the grille cover and will have the same striking impact with its appearance. The attractive wood accent allows these speakers to fit effortlessly into any contemporary home decor or rooms which give off a vintage vibe. Speaking of fit, the Edifier P12 passive bookshelf speakers have been designed to be compact. The small speaker footprint means the P12 is not going to take much space in the room.

The Edifier P12 passive bookshelf speakers offer an exceptional level of versatility, that places it at a level above many other bookshelf speakers available at the same price point. Its versatile design means you can put these speakers on desktops or shelves.

The speakers also come with sturdy wall-mount brackets which have been nicely integrated into its design and make it easier for the speakers to be mounted on walls, so you can free up even more space.

The inclusion of wall-mount brackets in the Edifier P12 bookshelf speakers makes it easy for use as surround speakers or if you are looking to include a rear channel.

4-inch Bass Driver with an Improved Bass Reflex Port Delivers a More Powerful Performance

The Edifier P12 passive bookshelf speakers boast of a 4-inch bass driver that has been designed keeping the user in mind.

The bass driver in the P12 offers an excellent balanced sound, which sounds more natural when compared to many other bookshelf speakers available in the market today. The large driver, coupled with a bass reflex port this time around, ensures you can enjoy an enhanced bass and low frequencies.

This is Edifier’s first passive bookshelf speakers, so you are going to need to plug it into an amplifier or receiver before you can witness the sheer power of its bass output. The addition of the bass reflex port also means getting a more robust performance out of the mid-woofer.

3/4 Silk Dome Tweeter Offers Accurate High Frequencies

The Edifier P12 features one of the smallest tweeters in the market, but don’t let that fool you. The 3/4-inch dome tweeter has been specially designed to deliver when it comes to performance.

The little silk dome tweeter creates more room in the speaker enclosure, which produces a full audio experience that’s well balanced at all ends.

The high-quality silk dome tweeters that have been integrated into the design of the Edifier P12 passive bookshelf speakers can reproduce every treble detail, resulting in a much improved overall sound quality.

Versatile Placement Options For an Enhanced Sound Experience

No longer do you have the option of just placing your bookshelf speaker on the shelf or a stand. The Edifier P12 passive bookshelf speakers offer a versatile design with a small footprint. This means these bookshelf speakers can be placed just about anywhere in a room.

Additionally, the inclusion of sturdy wall mounts means it can be placed on the walls as surround speakers for better coverage.

The P12 comes with two 6” speaker cables, which means you can connect these bookshelf speakers quickly and hassle-free, so you get to enjoy the premium sound quality that the Edifier P12 passive bookshelf speakers have got to offer.

What Do Buyers Say?

The Edifier P12 passive bookshelf speakers received rave reviews from the consumers. Many consumers are either fanboys of the brand or have owned an Edifier speaker in the past.

With the high level of sound quality that the P12 can offer along with many features and exquisite design, it comes as no surprise that the Edifier P12 passive bookshelf speakers are being showered with praise according to the online reviews.

One of the main factors appreciated by those who have invested in the Edifier P12 is its elegant design, which improves the ambiance of any space.

You also get a small footprint, which makes it easier to place these speakers either on the desktop, shelf, or mount them on the wall. But, the real reason for the P12’s newfound fame is its superior sound quality, which is simply unmatched when it comes to bookshelf speakers at the same price point.

Alternatives to the Edifier P12 Passive Bookshelf Speakers

Here are some alternatives to the Edifier P12 passive bookshelf speakers, you might want to try:

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  • Polk’s patented Power Port technology
  • 5.25-inch driver
  • 0.75-inch tweeter
  • Dynamic balance designed acoustic array
  • Vinyl finish

The Polk Audio T15 speakers have quite a few surprises, with its dynamic balance, which can produce a well-balanced and natural sound. This bookshelf speaker comes with a 6.25-inch driver and a 0.75-inch tweeter, which complement each other nicely.

The T15 offers incredible quality with its surround-sound experience. Still, when it comes to Edifier P12 vs. Polk T15, you just have to go with the former, for its sheer power and sleek design, which quickly makes it stand out from other bookshelf speakers in the same price point.

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  • 2 x aux inputs
  • Flared bass reflex port
  • Dual RCA input
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Max Power Input: 42 watts

If you’re okay with a less powerful sounding bookshelf speaker, then the Edifier 1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers should be right up your alley. The 1280T bookshelf speakers sport a 4-inch full-range unit and 13mm silk dome tweeter. You can connect up to two devices via the AUX input at the same time without any plugging or switching.

The premium quality MRD wood build finishing gives these speakers a premium appearance, making it the right choice if you’re looking good sound and an aesthetically appealing set of bookshelf speakers.

When it comes to Edifier P12 vs. R1280t, there’s really no comparison. The P12 not only offers far better sound quality but also boasts a sleek design, which is a welcome improvement from its predecessor.


The real claim to fame of the Edifier P12 speakers is that these are the first passive bookshelf speakers from Edifier, which is big news for fans and those who are loyal to the brand.

Overall, the Edifier P12 passive bookshelf speakers offer a delicate balance of elegant design and booming audio quality.

While some might find that the P12 lacks in mid-range, it more than makes up for it by delivering full-bodied low frequencies, which amply fills up a small to medium size room with ease.

At the end of the day, with the Edifier P12 passive bookshelf speakers, you get a lightweight and compact speaker, which is great to look at and offers an exceptional level of sound quality.

The P12 has also been competitively priced, which means you get the most bang for your buck when investing in these bookshelf speakers.

You get the same premium sound quality as other top-shelf speaker brands.

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