DOSS SoundBox Review: DJ In A Box

You’re always ready for a great time. You’re the life of the party and your incredible playlist has everyone’s head bumping to the beats.

And that may be because you lashed out after reading this DOSS Soundbox review. It’s like having a DJ in a box

For the price, you simply can’t go wrong. The sound of this little Bluetooth speaker is proof that sometimes you get more than your money’s worth.

The lit up controls and slick, finger touch volume adjuster give you that DJ soundboard feel. Beautiful notes that emerge from two small but powerful 6W speakers is the creshindo of the design at max volume!

This is a fantastic portable Bluetooth speaker for the price but I say portable loosely.

If you’ve already decided on the DOSS SoundBox, click here to find it on Amazon.

Keep reading to find out why I chose DOSS SoundBox as one of my top 10 Bluetooth speakers for under $50. But also why I caution you to think twice depending on how you intend to use it.

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But first, there are some things you need to know about the DOSS speaker lineup. Some reviews aren’t clear which speaker is actually being discussed. 

DOSS SoundBox Series Explained

To be clear, my review is on DOSS SoundBox. There are five speakers in the SoundBox series. In order from oldest release to newest release:

  1. SoundBox
  2. SoundBox Pro
  3. SoundBox XL
  4. SoundBox Pro+
  5. SoundBox Plus

Of the five SoundBox products, on Amazon, the SoundBox Pro+ and the SoundBox XL are the most expensive. 

SoundBox XL is an excellent speaker but doesn’t meet the price range or portable category of speakers I’m reviewing. 

SoundBox Pro+ has some nice features but doesn’t fit the price range under $50, either. It’s a more expensive version of Bluetooth speaker with 24W of output and an advanced, synchronized lighting system. 

DOSS SoundBox, SoundBox Pro, and SoundBox Plus are all portable Bluetooth speakers under $50. But SoundBox is the least expensive of the three. 

There are some other differences as well. See the chart below.

DOSS SoundBox
DOSS SoundBox Pro
DOSS SoundBox Plus
1.23 lbs
1.4 lbs
1.4 lbs
6.6 x 2.9 x 2.7
7.7 x 2.9 x 3
7.6 x 3.3 x 3.1
12 hours
12 hours
20 hours(But only with the lights off)
Touch control (lights on Control Buttons only)
Touch Control plusBeat-Synced Lights
No Touch Control but has a Light Show and Active Bass Button
12 Watts
20 Watts
16 Watts
Slightly Dearer
Color Options
Black, Blue, Pink, Red, and White
Black, Blue, and Grey
Aquamarine, Black, Navy, Pink, and White
Extra ports
AUX, USB, and Micro SD

Here are a few reasons I chose DOSS SoundBox for my top ten over the upgraded versions:

  • It is a lighter device for easier transport.
  • It is significantly less money for very little difference in performance.
  • It has an additional port for Micro SD capability.
  • The history of use and ranking from reviews far surpasses the other two models.

The only advantages the other two models have over SoundBox is a slightly increased waterproof rating, which isn’t really waterproof. And a few more watts of power. 

According to the reviews, there isn’t enough difference in sound performance of the upgraded speakers to notice, especially for the increase in cost

In fact, the bass boost in SoundBox Plus fell flat. The deeper bass sacrificed a lot of the fullness in sound just to get more boom. User’s are not impressed.

The beat-synced lights in the SoundBox Pro also missed the mark for many. According to reviews, the lights aren’t as synced as advertised and actually annoy more users than impress.

What’s my conclusion comparing the SoundBox series under $50? You will be pleased with your decision to save money on the DOSS SoundBox. The sound performance and additional benefit of a Micro SD port are a win.

But when it comes to portability and ruggedness, SoundBox falls short if your active lifestyle warrants a more portable Bluetooth speaker. 

Warning! Durability Is a Miss

Is the DOSS SoundBox waterproof? Not if you understand the IPX4 rating. DOSS could have done a lot better in the waterproof design of the SoundBox. 

Caution Around Water – Yes, Even The Shower

SoundBox basically can have a very small amount of water splash or drizzle and that’s it. 

For a complete guide on IPX Ratings, check out my website here. I explain why an IPX4 rating is not waterproof. 

So be warned that you don’t want to expose your SoundBox to high humidity areas such as a bathroom or indoor pool. And you definitely don’t want to drop your SoundBox speaker in water.

The user’s manual warns against placing the device in high humidity or excessively heated areas. The manual also states not to drop, hit, or shake the device.

Not For Rough Handling

SoundBox has four rubber feet for vibration stability while it’s playing. The outer perimeter is encased in hard plastic with a thin aluminum, mesh grille covering the speakers. 

Unlike the Aomais Sport II or the Anker Soundcore 2, the body doesn’t have a rubbery consistency to protect it from drops, hits, and bangs. 

While you can use your SoundBox at the beach, pool, or on that camping trip, you’ll need to take extra care of it. I would also advise wrapping it in extra protective material if packing it in your suitcase. 

The sound quality is excellent for the price so with extra care, you’ll enjoy this fantastic Bluetooth speaker for a bargain.

Mighty Sound For A Mini Price

Available in more than black

Prepare to be shocked and amazed. DOSS’ high definition, 12 Watts of power, and dual high-performance drivers produce a big stereo sound

The money you spend on this great little speaker might feel like you aren’t getting much. 

Trust me, you are! 

Don’t tell anyone and they won’t know you didn’t break the bank on this dynomite little Bluetooth speaker.

Max volume is more than enough for an average sized room. You’ll have plenty of power for that party you’ve been planning and there’s no distortion when cranked loud.

There’s ample bass for a small speaker like the SoundBox. It’s not going to perform like your high-end stereo speakers but it sounds grand enough for its intended purpose.

The clarity and fullness of the mids and highs give you a beautiful range of song vocals. And the speaker performs exceptionally well picking up lofty rifts and bass booms of the instrumentals.

I can’t say it enough, for the money this baby really rocks.

In addition to the sound, you get quite a performance out of the battery life.

Enough Juice For The Night, And Then Some

Lasts for the longest party.

Don’t even give it a second thought. You’ll have plenty of power in your SoundBox to get you through that party you’ve been planning for months.

DOSS has a built-in Lithium-Ion 2200mAh rechargeable battery. Volume at 75% will produce about 12 hours of playtime. You’ll get about 8-10 hours on max volume. 

Some reviews boast longer playtimes but I tend to stick to the conservative side so you aren’t disappointed just in case.

One downfall that many users don’t like is that a busy signal alerts you when the battery is getting low. If you can’t get to your speaker right away and plug it in, the noise continues to signal.

Make sure you keep your charging cord handy and have a place to charge your speaker to avoid hearing this nuisance sound. 

The battery charges in about 3 to 3.5 hours so make sure you charge it up overnight if you intend to use it a lot the next day.

The Micro USB Charging Cable is included with your unit but you’ll need to buy a wall plug separately if you want to plug it into an outlet. 

You can charge your speaker with a laptop or computer. You can also use your existing USB wall plug if you have one. 

Just don’t be surprised when you open your box and you don’t see a wall plug. It doesn’t come with one.

Good Range For Most Uses

SoundBox has Bluetooth 4.0. To get the optimal 66 ft or 100 ft range, you’d need to have Bluetooth 4.2 technology or more. But 4.0 still gives you a great connection with up to 33 ft of range. Unobstructed areas can deliver more if the signal is good, too. 

I was surprised to read that some users could have their phone up to 100 ft away from the SoundBox and still get a decent signal. 

Lot’s of factors play into that kind of great range such as being in an open wide area with great cell signal. So take that claim with a great deal of discernment before planning your excursion.

Another great feature is the built-in mic that gives you the freedom to make calls and communicate with your cell phone. You’ll need to be fairly close to this speaker to utilize the mic to its fullest capability.

The key point is that the DOSS SoundBox is an incredible party machine. So you can count on your speaker to perform well for that fantastic bash. 

You’ll have plenty of range to keep your speaker connected and interruption-free with proper planning.

What Comes with Your DOSS SoundBox?

Another great reason the DOSS SoundBox is on my top ten list is for all of the extras that come with the speaker. 

Let’s start with what protection you get.

What Warranty Coverage Do I Have?

Your DOSS SoundBox is covered by a 12-month limited warranty. Make sure you save your purchase receipt and product information. 

You might be asked to return your defective unit for inspection so keep your box and packing materials.

Make sure you register your speaker and read your warranty information immediately after receiving it.

Quality defects are covered but non-quality issues only have a 30-day coverage period. Make sure you use your speaker and try out it’s features within the first 30 days. 

Customer service gets high marks too. There really isn’t anything better than quick response, hassle-free service and DOSS performs well in this area.

What Options Are Offered?

The DOSS SoundBox comes in five color options: red, pink, blue, white, and black. You’ll love the lit up control buttons on the background of any color you choose.

You can bundle your SoundBox for an extra cost and get a zippered travel case to protect your speaker. The case has a nice portable carry strap and is made of a hard  Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) material. 

EVA is a soft material that has an elasticity that kind of feels like rubber. It’s super tough and is a great solution for protecting your investment.

Don’t forget to pick up your wall charger if you want to use a wall outlet to charge your device. Remember, your speaker doesn’t come with one.

What’s in the box? 

First, the packaging is secure and protective. And here’s what’s inside the box:

  • A warranty card and owner’s manual.
  • A plastic sleeve and peel-off protective face cover protects your speaker.
  • Inside the sleeve is a beautifully designed Bluetooth speaker that weighs 1.23 lbs. Total package weight upon delivery is 1.65 lbs.
  • One USB Charging Cable (no wall plug)
  • One Aux cable
  • A port for a Micro SD card (card not included)
  • A built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • One waterproof pull-string pouch for carrying your speaker

Make sure you read the manual. Operation is effortless, but things like pairing, troubleshooting, and do’s and don’ts are helpful tips, so you get the most out of your investment.

The speaker fits in your hand and measures 6.6 x 2.9 x 2.7 inches. It can fit perfectly in a backpack or purse.

Your SoundBox is sleek and smooth. The touch controls are flush and easy to see

The SoundBox has a unique and beautiful edge between the top of the speaker and housing where the two 6W speaker’s are located. It gives a distinct and showy look for the top control panel. 

There is a built-in mic for utilizing the touch-free calling feature.

And all of the control buttons light up creating a cool, soundboard experience. You’ll feel like you’re DJing your own party.

Operation is a breeze with the SoundBox’s touch controls. But they are incredibly sensitive so if you don’t have a steady hand, you’ll want to practice using your volume control before your first big bash.

Easy Operation If You Master Those Sensitive Buttons

Pairing your SoundBox is a breeze. And it’s compatible with Amazon Echo Dot. Just find your Bluetooth device in your Bluetooth settings on your phone, select the device and it pairs automatically when your Doss SoundBox is powered on.  

The ring lights up blue when your device is paired and ready to use.

The big circle in the middle of the four control buttons is both your volume and mode indicator light. 

The volume can be turned down by rotating your finger in the circular pattern left following the lit ring. The opposite direction will turn your volume up.

It doesn’t take much finger compression at all to operate. In fact, it’s easy to bump the controls with your finger so make sure you practice a little to get a feel for the button sensitivity.

The back of the unit has the power on/off button, Micro USB charging port, AUX port, and a Micro SD card slot.

There is a pen-tip sized light under the charging port that lights up red when charging. But it’s very hard to see because it’s hidden under the charging cord when it’s plugged in.

To use your Micro SD card, you just push the card into the slot and tap your mode button. You’ll see the color of the circle change to green. 

You can skip to the next or previous song with the right and left facing arrow buttons. You can also play and pause calls and utilize your hands free calling features by tapping the phone/pause button.

You’ll experience immediate enjoyment with all of the great features of your new Bluetooth speaker.  

What I Like

  • Modern, stylish design with multiple color options.
  • Easy to use touch controls for the steady hand.
  • Loud for its size. Incredible sound quality at peak volume.
  • It has a Micro SD port for playing all those saved playlists.

What I Don’t Like

  • Annoying low battery alert tone.
  • It only has an IPX4 waterproof rating. 
  • It’s durability is not adequately suited for high impact outdoor use.

Who It’s Best For

You are into great design and style. You want a Bluetooth speaker that looks great and is easy to control with a light touch. You love a great party, and cool lights are a hot button for you. 

You like extras, and DOSS SoundBox has a lot of them. 

COVID19 has you on a strict budget, but you can feel confident that you’re getting a quality Bluetooth speaker for a fantastically low price. 

Go ahead and take the plunge, get this fantastic bargain speaker on Amazon today by clicking here

And if you want a deal on a bundled price for your speaker and a nice protective travel case, buy it here on Amazon.

Still unsure if this is the right speaker for you? Check out my Top Ten Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 50 in 2020 here. 

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