Music on your iPod

16 best portable speakers for iPods (Touch, Nano, Classic Mini & Shuffle)

Introduced in 2001, the iPod was one of the first devices to make music truly portable. It quickly became one of Apple’s most successful products ever with over 100 million sold.

As well as the latest iPod Touch, many devoted users like you still love their iPod Nano, Classic, Mini, and Shuffle, so it makes sense to buy the best portable speakers for iPods. 

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Dancing to Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Music

Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers System: The Ultimate Guide for 2021

Nowadays, an outdoor Bluetooth speakers system comes in every possible shape, size, and price. The Devialet Gold Phantom Opera de Paris will set you back a cool $3000, while a Soundbot 510 waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker can be had for as little as $15. 

The Klipsch AWR-650-SM looks like a rock while the Vincilee LED Flame portable wireless speaker resembles a lantern. Some outdoor Bluetooth speakers like the 9oz OontZ Angle 3 (3rd Gen) are so light you’ll forget you’re even carrying one, while speakers like the Soundboks 2 at 36lbs may require some limbering up before you grapple with them!

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