Best Wireless Headphones for Swimming

Are you tired of your headphones constantly failing on you when you are getting those all-important laps in?

There is nothing worse than getting ready to hit the pool, grabbing your headphones, and boom! You sink when you find out that only one of the headphone buds is working. Or, even worse, both of them have died! How are you supposed to keep motivated now?

We all rely on a pair of good-quality headphones to help us in our own way. But finding the perfect pair isn’t without its problems. They need to be durable, comfortable, and they also need to stay securely in place when you are practicing your swimming strokes or beating your personal best!

And, we want all of these things without having to spend a small fortune in the process. 

Well, the good news is that you’ve come to the right place as we have done all the hard work for you. I’ve researched and taken out the tediousness of finding the best wireless headphones for swimming, and compiled a list of five fantastic options below!

I’ve also put together a super useful buyer’s guide and have got the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding headphones for swimming. 

Top 5 Best Wireless Headphones for Swimming


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These H2O audio headphones have been designed and created by the H2O company who has been developing products for swimmers over the past 15 years.

The company describes these headphones as “the perfect solution for all swimmers” because they use Audio Bone Conduction Technology that helps music give clear sound under the water.

These headphones can attach easily to your swimming goggles and have a built-in constant fail-safe sound. They also hold in 8GB storage so that you can store all of your favorite songs directly from Apple’s iTunes on the headphones.

There are function buttons located on the side of the headphones which are large for easy accessibility. This makes them easy to use when you want to change the music or adjust the volume at any time while you’re swimming.

Furthermore, these headphones are 100% waterproof and come with a 1-year manufacturing guarantee.

As if that wasn’t enough, these headphones are compatible with a smartwatch too. So, you can stream music directly from your Smartwatch and, with over 7 hours of battery life, there is plenty of time for you to get your lengths in.


  • Smartwatch compatible - allows you to stream music directly from your smartwatch to the headphones
  • Audio Bone Conduction Technology - keeps the music crystal clear even when you’re underwater
  • 8GB storage - gives you the ability to store music directly on the headphones
  • IPX8 waterproof rating - ideal for use in the swimming pool as well as in adverse weather conditions 
  • Long battery life - a single full-charge will give you up to 7 hours of use


  • No shuffle button - you’ll need to skip to where you left your playlist when you last trained or start from the beginning 


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The Aftershokz Xtrainerz Open Ear MP3 Headphones are fully waterproof and are described as headphones that “perform in and out of the water”.

This gives you some extra value for money as you won’t have to worry about purchasing a separate pair for exclusive pool-use.

They have an open ear design which is a perfect comfort feature while also being secure. There is a two-year warranty on all their headphone products, a peace of mind bonus to this product just in case of any accidents.

The built-in MP3 storage can hold 4GB storage so you can have over 1,000 of your favorite tunes on the go while you focus on your swim.

They also have an 8-hour battery life which is great for those long swim days.


  • Fully waterproof - perfect for use in the swimming pool
  • Open-ear design - ensures you’re kept comfortable and that the headphones are always held securely in place
  • Built-in MP3 storage - allows you to store up to 1,000 songs directly on the headphones
  • Long battery life - you’ll get 8-hours of use from a single charge
  • Two-year warranty - gives you peace of mind about their quality and performance


  • Not BlueTooth compatible - while you can store music on the headphones themselves, you can’t connect them to a smartwatch 


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These Waterproof Headphones from HPTCC feature innovative bone conduction technology that allows music to travel through your cheekbones directly into your ears.

This means that you’ll be able to enjoy crystal-clear music while you’re swimming, while still leaving your ears open to the ambient sounds going on around you.

They are fully waterproof and designed for long use in the water. This IPX8 waterproof rating of IPX8 allows them to reach 16.4 feet deep, so they are the perfect pair of headphones for diving as well.

The headphones also have a built-in MP3 player which has 8GB memory that can hold up to 2,400 songs.

On the side of the headphones, you’ll find easy-to-use buttons for volume adjustment and an on/ off function.

Furthermore, these headphones are lightweight and flexible, and they are designed to wrap around your ears to help ensure comfort for long use.


  • Bone conduction technology - allows you to hear music clearly while you’re swimming, while still leaving your ears open to ambient sounds
  • IPX8 waterproof - perfect for swimming and can even be used up to a depth of 16.4ft
  • Built-in MP3 player - with 8GB of memory that can hold up to 2,400 tracks
  • Easy to use - conveniently located buttons allow you to turn the headphones on and off and adjust the volume
  • Wrap-around design - lightweight and flexible while still remaining firmly in place


  • The bluetooth function doesn’t work underwater - you can listen to your stored tracks while swimming, but you cannot connect the headphones to BlueTooth underwater


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These Pyle Waterproof Headphones are available with BlueTooth connectivity and MP3 storage, or the option of MP3-only.

Whichever you choose, each has 8GB of memory so you’ll have plenty of space for your tunes to keep you motivated.

These headphones only have a 2-hour charge time, the battery life is 10 hours long and they are designed for long periods of use in the water. You can add your favorite music easily from iTunes via Windows or Mac with a drag and drop function.

One of the best features these waterproof headphones have to offer is that they have water-blocking earbuds. This means that you don’t have to worry about water getting into your ears while you’re swimming.

Located conveniently on the side of these headphones, you’ll find easy-to-use buttons that allow you to adjust the volume, skip, or replay a track whenever you want.

They also come with replacement buds included, which is perfect in case you accidentally lose any. And, to top it off, a 1-year warranty is included as well.


  • 2 options to choose from - available with BlueTooth connectivity and MP3 storage, or as MP3-only
  • 8GB memory - both options come with 8GB that gives you loads of room to store your favorite motivational tracks
  • Quick-charge and long battery life - only takes 2 hours to get a full charge that will last up to 10-hours
  • Water blocking earbuds - prevents water from getting in your ears while you’re swimming
  • Conveniently-located buttons - easily adjust the volume, skip, pause, or replay a track directly from your headphones


  • Limited BlueTooth range - some people who previously purchased these headphones noted that the BlueTooth range was a little shorter than they expected


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These Swimming Headphones from Heypower also use bone conduction technology to transmit sounds through vibrations to keep your music as clear as possible when you’re in the water. They also have an open ear design to help you keep alert to your surroundings while listening to your music.

They are BlueTooth compatible and also have a built-in MP3 player with 8GB memory that can hold up to 2,000 songs. This gives you more versatility over your listening options. They are fully waterproof and flexible for your comfort when wearing them for long periods.

These headphones have a charge time of 2 hours and have a playtime of 6 hours. A bonus of these headphones is that you have a call function.

Through the side buttons, you can answer, end, or reject calls when using them. They also contain the basic main features, play, pause or skip, and volume adjustment for your music preference.

These headphones are the highest level of water resistance in the IPX rating system at IPX8, so there is very little risk of them suffering any water damage no matter how often you train.


  • Bone conduction technology - keeps the tracks in your ears crystal clear while still allowing you to hear ambient sounds
  • Built-in MP3 player and BlueTooth compatible - 8GB of memory can hold up to 2,000 songs and you can connect to your BlueTooth device for ultimate versatility
  • Quick charge - gives you a full charge that lasts up to six hours in just 2 hours
  • IPX8 waterproof - perfect for swimming with very little risk of water damage with prolonged use
  • Call function - answer and reject phone calls with a simple press of a button


  • No shuffle function - you’ll need to select the perfect line up of tracks before you start swimming 

Best Wireless Headphones for Swimming Buying Guide

When looking to purchase wireless headphones for swimming, there are many factors that you need to consider.

But, unless you’re particularly tech-savvy, determining what features to look out for can be a confusing task.

To make things a little clearer, I’ve put together some key points to bear in mind when you’re making your decision.

Taking some extra time to research these before you purchase will help you find the best wireless headphones for swimming the first time around and, ultimately, save you time and money.

IPX Factor and Waterproof

This goes without saying, but a waterproof element is an absolute must-have when purchasing headphones for swimming.

It is pointless looking at any headphones that do not state whether they are waterproof or not. To find whether a pair of headphones is waterproof or not, you want to look for their IPX factor.

The IPX factor is a rating chart for the waterproofing in a product. The IP stands for Ingress Protection and the rating system ranges from IPX0 to IPX8, with IPX8 being the most waterproof.

Swimming headphones don’t only need to be very water-resistant but they also need to protect against chemicals, so it is best to look for a pair with a higher IPX rating.

Battery Life

This is a big concern for many people looking at wireless headphones. You do not want to have to worry about the battery life during those long swim sessions!

The products mentioned in this article have an average battery life of between 6 to 8 hours. Plenty of life in them for anyone who wants to take a long swim, for those with a tight schedule, or even perhaps listening after the swim session.

It’s also a good idea to look at how long it takes to charge the headphones. There’s nothing worse than grabbing your headphones and finding out they haven’t got enough juice left in them to last your entire swimming session.

Luckily, lots of swimming headphones can be fully charged from 0% in as little as two hours.


This is another main concern for many people in and out of the pool when looking for headphones.

You need headphones that will stay put when you wear them, not fall out when you are exercising, and then have to purchase another pair.

Furthermore, you need reliable headphones that are not loose or too tight either which is another potential factor for them not being secure.

Swimming headphones that have a wrap-around design are ideal in this circumstance. This is because they are specifically designed to stay firmly on your head and in your ears, and are much harder for water to knock off while you are swimming at high-speeds!


A product warranty is a guarantee made by the seller or manufacturer regarding the condition of a product.

This is a promise from the seller or manufacturer to the buyer that if the product is faulty you can contact the seller for a replacement or a refund depending on the issue.

Different products and companies have different warranties, so it is worth checking to see if the product has one before you buy one and what the terms of it are.

In some countries by law electrical items have a 1-year product guarantee, this includes the USA.


Does BlueTooth work underwater?

Bluetooth connectivity underwater is a common issue that many swimmers face. It is difficult to find waterproof headphones that have BlueTooth that will work under the water, but it is not impossible.

The problem with BlueTooth working underwater comes down to science. The radio frequency that BlueTooth uses cannot transmit underwater.

This is because the water molecules fill the air space that the radiofrequency uses above water. In simple terms, Bluetooth frequency and water do not mix.

Do I need headphones with an IPX rating?

If you want reliable headphones for swimming, then it is best to find headphones that have a high IPX rating.

This system shows you how waterproof the headphones are so that they are more reliable and durable than other products without the rating system.

How long can I stay underwater with swimming headphones?

While an IPX8 rating system does not give a specific time on how long a pair of headphones will last underwater, the rating may state they last ‘a long time’.

To get a precise answer, it’s usually worth contacting the manufacturer of your swimming headphones for more information.

What is the difference between water-resistant and waterproof?

This is a very important question. There is a difference between both of these, and it is important to know which is which.

A product that is water-resistant but not waterproof is no good if it will be submerged in water. Just like a mobile phone, most phones are water-resistant to the rain but if you drop it in water it usually dies.

  • Water-resistant- This means that the product is protected from water it comes into contact with on its surfaces such as rain or a shower.
  • Waterproof- This means that waterproof products are protected if submerged in water.

How long does the battery last on swimming headphones?

Various products have different battery life, so it is important to check the product description. It is crucial to know this before you buy if you want a set of headphones that can last for a long period of time.

Most swimming headphones will give you between 6-10 hours of battery life which, depending on how regularly you train and the duration of your swim, means they’ll last around a week before they need to be recharged.

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