Best Wired/Permanent Outdoor All Weather Speakers

Outdoor entertainment has become very popular over the last decade or so. Sitting outside in your yard or, if you’re lucky enough, by your pool with music surrounding you is the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon.

The most exciting thing of all is how outdoor gear is improving every year. You are spoilt for choice with the speakers that are available on the market today!

These days, outdoor speakers are suitable for all weather conditions. You don’t have to wait till a bright sunny summer’s day.

With modern technology, speakers can stay outside at all times and work just as well. These outdoor speakers are designed to withstand whatever mother nature has in store for them.

All of these products have IP ratings indicating how much dust or water they can resist. As with all electrical appliances, some are better than others.

It can be a tricky process narrowing down the best wired outdoor all-weather speakers. That’s why I have done the hard work for you.

Below, I have compiled a list of the top 5 best wired/permanent outdoor all-weather speakers including their pros and cons for you to consider.

If that wasn’t enough, I also have an in-depth buyer-guide to help you understand what to look out for when buying new speakers. Have any burning questions? Hopefully, my FAQs will answer them!

Can’t wait any longer? Here is my top choice!

Top 5 Best Wired/Permanent Outdoor All Weather Speakers


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If you’re looking for reliable, long-lasting outdoor speakers that are easy to set up, Polk Audio’s Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers may be the ones for you.

These speakers are one of the best products on the market today with a broad-coverage design and a great 5-year warranty.

Polk Atrium’s outdoor speakers can be installed in any open space so if you want to lounge by the pool or in your backyard, these would be the perfect accompaniment.

These deliver a great-quality wider dispersion, as well as booming bass, powered by a 4 ½ mineral, filled dynamic balance polymer cone and a ¾ anodized aluminum dome tweeter. Its 80w power will power over any loud background noises while not being too piercing.

These outdoor speakers are recognized as some of the best looking on the market. They are available in other black or white to blend into most surroundings.

I personally love how easy they are to set up with an anti-slip one-hand installation to install vertically or horizontally to deliver the best possible sounds.


  • Highly reliable - Suitable for all weather conditions for long-lasting use
  • 5-year warranty - If any problems arise in this time frame, you are fully covered
  • Can be installed anywhere - Perfect for any open space including your backyard, by the pool, or in a sunroom
  • Easy to set up - Built with a one-click speed-lock mounting bracket for easy set up including an anti-slip one-handed installation
  • Offer wider sound dispersion - Dynamic balance polymer cone and anodized aluminum dome tweeter with rubber surround produces superb sounds around the surrounding area including a powerful bass boost


  • Sound can be a little hollow at low volumes 


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One of the best outdoor speakers I have seen is this Definitive Technology AW6500 model.

These have an outstanding response range compared to most outdoor speakers. If you want your speakers to generate good levels of bass, the power from these is phenomenal.

This powerful bass is rare in outdoor types as it is generally harder to add a subwoofer to outdoor models so finding ones that already have adequate bass is always a bonus!

Definitive Technology’s outdoor speakers have impressive specifications. They feature the same top-quality features that DT’s indoor speakers have offering a fuller sound and deeper bass. They don’t only sound great but they look stylish too.

These are ideal for backyards, patios, and pool parties offering clearer definitions in open spaces. The speakers are moisture and wear-resistant making them perfect for outdoor use in all weathers.

Its balanced double surround system drivers, 6.5-inch mid/woofer, 1-inch tweeter, and 10-inch oval pressure-driven low bass radiator will create accurate sound reproductions for a wide area.


  • Powerful bass - High-quality components deliver powerful, deeper bass for a fuller sound all round
  • Create accurate sounds - Its surround system technology produces sounds that will travel evenly across your open space for all to enjoy
  • Durable - Made with a sealed PolyStone exterior for a tough and durable design that is moisture and wear-resistant
  • Versatile mounting placement - Can move the speakers around 360-degrees for optimal sounds all round
  • Not much power required - These don’t require high levels of power to pump the volume all the way up


  • The bass isn’t directed as well as the whole sound


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Klipsch AW-650 speakers offer excellent power handling and power for long-term use outdoors.

These may have the most power I have seen in any set of non-commercial speakers and are at a very reasonable price too. We all want top value for our dollar and these offer just that.

If you want your speakers to be big and loud, the 650s may be ideal for you. Their power is actually a little too much for some people but if you want to have loud music for parties, these are definitely the way to go. That doesn’t mean they can’t be used at a lower level for background music in the yard. 

You won’t have to worry about any wear on these from the weather due to their rustproof aluminum grille.

Its ABS enclosure is UV-resistant to withstand long days in the sunshine. Its sensitivity levels of 95dB at 1 watt/1 meter means these have high sensitivity for more sound at less power.


  • Very powerful - These may be the loudest non-commercial outdoor speakers which are perfect for parties and big occasions. Klipsch does say “tell the neighbors we’re not sorry” after all
  • Highly durable - Wear-resistant in all weather conditions with a rustproof aluminum grille and paintable UV-resistant ABS enclosure
  • Superior acoustic sounds - Molded graphite woofers and titanium dome tweeters help produce smooth yet detailed high sounds at low frequencies
  • Adjustable angles - its 90-degrees x 90-degrees  Tractrix Horn tweeter offers clean clear highs to hear everything clearly


  • Sold as singles so you would need to buy separate speakers to make a pair


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I just love the look of these AW-650-SM speakers. Talk about natural-looking speakers!

These environmental speakers look like rocks to effortlessly blend into your yard’s surroundings. Do you like the idea of speakers being hidden with outdoor objects? If so, these are ideal.

Klipsch outdoor speakers are very convenient to use, especially when setting up. There is no need to mount these as they can simply rest on the ground. Bear in mind they can be a little harder to wire, however.

The power from these speakers will easily satisfy your need for volume. They employ a 6.5-inch dual voice coil polymer woofer as well as dual ¾-inch polymer dome tweeters for high-quality acoustic sounds.

The AW-650-SM speakers are wonderfully efficient. The dual tweeter design lets the music play through both left and right stereo signals with absolute clarity and precision.

There is the option to wire the speakers for mono output for smoother, more even coverage to larger areas.

Superbly durable, the choice of a granite or sandstone rock finish will ensure the speakers produce clear sounds all year round.


  • A two-way design - Produces superior acoustic sounds with a 6.5-inch dual voice coil polymer woofer and dual 3/4 -inch polymer dome tweeters
  • Dual tweeters - Sounds can be played through the left and right stereo signal for supreme clarity and precision
  • Can change to mono output - There is an option to wire the speakers to mono output for clearer sounds over a larger space
  • Durable - Feature a UV-resistant enclosure under the choice of a sturdy granite or sandstone finish
  • Powerful - Capable of generating high volumes without affecting the sound quality over long distances


  • Can be a little tricky to wire taking more time and patience than most outdoor models


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One of the first things that stood out to me when reviewing the TIC GC3 speakers was their outstanding specs.

Not many non-commercial outdoor speakers have a continuous power handling rating of around 100W but these offer just that. As well as that, the frequency response range floor is one of the lowest I have seen at 35Hz.

These speakers generate plenty of loud power with a generous amount of bass. As low-frequencies are harder to pick up outside, the good amount of bass through these speakers is very desirable.

For the price, these TIC GC3 speakers offer some of the best specs available. Whether you have a smaller yard or a larger one, these should fill the space with ample sounds.

Although these speakers look like some sort of compost bin, they actually fit in very well for an outdoor environment.

Their green color will blend in perfectly with nature leaving people wondering where those mysterious sounds are coming from!


  • Easy to hide - The green color will blend in effortlessly outdoors so no unsightly speakers ruin your natural environment
  • Snow resistant - The cones are fully sealed and protected. They are graded for water and snow resistance so suitable for all year long use
  • Long-lasting - Designed with durable ABS polypropylene housing which is proven to last many years in harsh environments
  • 360-degrees sound - Offer Omni-directional sound for even distribution in a wide variety of landscapes 
  • In-ground or surface mount installation - Can install these into the ground with underground wiring or on a suitable surface if preferred


  • The installation process can be quite confusing with no clear instructions on the wiring system

Best Wired/Permanent Outdoor All Weather Speakers Buying Guide

So there are my top 5 picks for the best wired/permanent outdoor all-weather speakers.

Although you may have seen one you like above, there are a few factors you should consider before purchasing your next outdoor speaker.

Here are some important aspects to look out for to help you find the right outdoor speaker for you.

Nominal Peak/Operating Power

The overall operating power of a speaker is shown in watts (W). This is how much power a speaker can receive safely and how loud it can go.

This tends to suggest the quality of the speaker’s overall sound too. It is advised you look for speakers with a total of 100W of continuous power as these can typically fill a reasonably sized backyard.


As your speakers will be outdoors, it is vital they are highly durable to withstand different weather conditions.

You should if the speakers are weather-resistant, fully waterproof by checking their military-grade standards, and if the warranty is acceptable.


Most outdoor speakers can be a little tricky to set up. They will require special waterproof speaker wires to run through walls or underground.

This can be a laborious process and not something everyone has the time and patience for. Be sure you find speakers that are easy for you to set up in a good amount of time.


The sensitivity of a speaker is expressed through decibels per watt per meter (dB/W/m). This displays how efficiently the speaker can convert power into quality sound.

A speaker with high sensitivity can play sounds at a loud volume but by using less power. 

Frequency Response Range

This is displayed in Hertz (Hz/kHz). The frequency response range tells you how well a speaker can produce a full range of low to high pitches.

Outdoor speakers should have a low floor as bass sounds don’t carry so well in outdoor spaces. A general rule is to opt for a range equal to or more than 60Hz to 20kHz.

Frequency Response Variance

Found in Decibels (dB/+/-), the frequency response variance tells you how consistent your volume is at different frequencies.

Theoretically, the ideal response curve is flat with no variance whatsoever. This plays pitches at the same volume at all times. 3 or less dB is typically the standard of quality you should be looking for.

Trusted Dealers

I recommend you always buy your outdoor speakers from a trusted dealer. The more experience they have with a proven track record, the more likely you are going to get top-quality speakers.

Good dealers look after you if anything happens to your speakers, especially if they offer a good warranty.

Mono vs Stereo

You should consider whether you want mono or stereo speakers. Stereo provides audio output through two different channels (the right and the left).

The signals are similar in stereo and mono but some audio is recorded specifically for either one. That means stereo audio may not sound very good through mono speakers and vice versa.

Most speakers offer stereo sound while only a few offer mono. For the best sound results, opt for speakers that offer mono and stereo.


Most outdoor speakers are adjustable allowing you to swivel or turn otherwise to point in your desired direction.

This lets you direct sound to a part of the outdoors that you want. Mounted models usually include this feature for easy maneuverability while some garden speakers also include this design.

Wired vs Wireless

There are pros and cons to using either wired or wireless outdoor speakers. Wired versions offer superb sound quality but have to be connected to an audio device at all times in order to work.

Wireless models are entirely portable and can be repositioned far more easily than their wired counterparts.

That said, these can experience connection issues with lesser quality in sound. Overall, it is a matter of personal preference.

Price Range

Prices vary depending on the brand you are buying from and if they are wired, wireless, Bluetooth, or WiFi.

A single speaker will be more affordable than sets but you’ll often need to purchase a secondary speaker down the line for a better all-round sound.

Of course, the sound-quality impacts the price too with smaller speakers with lesser sound quality being in the budget-friendly range of $20 to $80.

A single mid-range speaker typically costs around $100 to $180 while the most expensive wired models that offer the highest quality sounds can cost anything from $250 to $450 each. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can outdoor speakers withstand heavy rain, snow, and extreme temperatures?

Permanently installed outdoor speakers, such as garden or mounted models, are designed to withstand all the elements thrown against them. This includes torrential rain, snow, and varying extreme temperatures.

They are designed with durable weatherproof materials that won’t absorb any water. Whether it’s hot or cold, you shouldn’t have to worry about the materials cracking due to the temperature.

Nonetheless, I recommend you position and install your speakers in an area that is covered by an overhang or some structure for extra protection.

Can I set up outdoor speakers by myself?

Simply put, yes you can. Many homeowners decide to install their outdoor speakers themselves.

Some designs such as wall-mounted models require a little more work and attention to detail to set up but garden-style speakers are usually very easy to install.

What distance should the speakers be apart when using more than one?

This depends on the size of your speakers.

If you are using multiple speakers, I recommend you leave a distance of about 3 to 10 meters between each for an even, smooth sound throughout the whole area.

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