Best Dual Driver Earbuds

I write while listening to music, mostly because the world beyond my headphones is too chaotic - Dean Bakopoulos 

The need to leave the world behind, shut it out, and find a way to escape its crushing pandemonium is an incredibly human reaction to the ever-increasing pace of modern life.

We’re all familiar with the chaos that Dean Bakopoulos cites as his reason for sliding into his own reality with a little help from a pair of headphones, and we’ve all probably felt the same way and used the same method to withdraw from the world on more than one occasion.

Music is a great liberator, and audiobooks and podcasts can help us to fortify the walls of our imaginary kingdoms, and the best way to embrace all that the aforementioned trio has to offer, is with the right pair of dual driver earbuds.

Best Dual Driver Earbuds

While fashion-focused folks swear blind that the only way to listen to the sounds that you find your joy in is with an old fashioned over the ear set of dustbin lids, nothing could be further from the truth.

True audiophiles know that technology has eliminated the gap between earbuds and headphones and that the best way to embrace and lose yourself in the music, stories, and voices that you love, is by plugging them straight into your ears.  

That’s why I’ve put together a list of the best dual driver earbuds that’ll effortlessly transport you to a realm of enthralling soundscapes, so you can hear your tunes, tales, and casts you adore the way they were meant to be heard and enjoy them in a way you never thought was possible.  

Are you ready to lose yourself in a universe of aural pleasure? Then it’s time to plug in, turn it up and let your earbuds do the talking

Top 5 Best Dual Driver Earbuds


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While they may not be a name that you’re instantly familiar with, or indeed even familiar with at all, GRDE has, nonetheless, made its mark on the audio world by creating the sort of dynamic, forward-thinking, pleasure-based technology that leaves the established phonic dinosaurs floundering in their wake. 

When they smashed their way into the world of technology-fueled audio with these wireless earbuds that use Bluetooth 5.0 and dual dynamic drivers to deliver their aptx High-Resolution audio, GRDE chalked up a victory for the underdog.

Using the latest generation Qualcomm chip, these earbuds create powerful TWS (True Wireless Sound) audio that incorporates noise cancellation and lossless technology.

In other words, as soon as you switch them on, you’ll lose yourself in a world of sound. 

Able to return around eight hours of listening from a single sixty-minute charge, these easy to pair earbuds use Smart Touch Control to keep things simple and ensure that at the touch of a button, they’ll transport you to whatever musical landscape you seek to venture to.

Fitted with three-point support to make them more comfortable to wear, they use IPX7 sweat proofing to ensure that no matter how long you keep these buds plugged in for, they’ll always be a cozy and snug fit. 


  • Dual driver powered and equipped with HIgh-Resolution audio and noise cancellation technology, these earbuds are a one size fits all way to leave the world behind and journey to the land of musical nirvana. 
  • While some earbuds can feel clunky and uncomfortable, the three-point support system and sweat proofing technology that GRDE uses ensures that their buds will always feel as snug as a bug in a rug in your ears. 
  • With an average of around eight hours of functional playback time from a single hours charge, these buds can keep you plugged into your favorite tracks all day without missing a beat. 
  • Effortless one-step pairing and easy to use Smart Control technology mean that these buds make everything simple. Plug and play has never been easier. You just plug them in your ears, press play and they’ll do the rest.


  • They’re a little on the large side and can be uncomfortable if you’re not used to wearing earbuds. And the noise cancellation and High Fidelity audio technology that they use? It’s loud, so if you do decide to travel down to the GRDE route to musical heaven, be aware before you press play for the first time, that these earbuds go all the way up to eleven.
  • Some users have also reported reliability and durability problems, which usually manifests itself as left side failure.  Even though the numbers of reported incidents of failure are relatively low, it is a cause for concern and an issue that you might want to take a closer look at before entrusting your musical future to GRDE.


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They may be relatively new kids on the audio block, but Linsoul’s energetic approach to creating stylish, powerful earbuds that cause music devotees’ hearts to skip a beat hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Adhering to the belief that quality is everything, the team that founded Linsoul loves music as much as the customers they’re dedicated to helping do. 

Equipped with dual driver technology, the dynamic, balanced sound that these earbuds deliver won’t overwhelm you as soon as you hit the go button on your favorite playlists.

Made from solid metal, with a heavy-duty cable, Linsoul’s earbuds were built to last, be comfortable and fill your head with the sort of rich, vibrant tones that you’ve been fantasizing about in private for far too long.  

Linsoul may not be pushing the technological boat too far from the audio dock, but they don’t need to when they engineer earbuds that sound this good.

And did I mention how good they look?

Fusing the retro charm of the sixties with the imagined tomorrows popularised by Hollywood’s take on science fiction, these earbuds look every bit as good as they sound. 

They look good. They sound great. What more could any audiophile want? 


  • Powered by dual drivers, Linsouls buds have been designed to create a perfectly balanced sound that doesn’t favor bass, highs, or mids. Like life, the sound they recreate and generate is all about finding that perfect balance. 
  • I'm a sucker for their combination of retro-tastic good lucks and smooth, fluid sound reproduction. They may be new to the game, but Linsoul has set the bar pretty high for themselves with these incredible earbuds.
  • And, they’re so confident that you’ll like their buds as much as they do, that Linsoul guarantees them for a year and have a dedicated team of tech-savvy music hounds on hand who are ready to answer any, and all, questions if you have any problems with your earbuds.


  • Some of the buds that have left Linsoul’s production facility have been plagued by quality control issues, and while it’s only a relatively small percentage that doesn’t seem to pass muster, the fact that some pairs of these buds have failed after just leaving the gate is a little worrying. Maybe it’s just the sort of teething problems that all new brands experience, and if that’s the case, then we’re hoping that they’ll get the issues under control soon, but the fact that it even is an issue should be enough to give you pause for thought. 


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What could be better than dual driver earbuds? Well, earbuds that use three drivers instead of two, like these 1MORE buds do.

Engineered by award-winning audio firm 1MORE, which is driven by the simple belief that all music should be heard the way its creator meant it to be, these earbuds have been built to rigidly cling to the core philosophy of the brand that made them. 

The three drivers that these buds use deliver a full and balanced sound with crisp highs, warm mids, and luxuriant, deep bass.

Combining 1MORE’s award-winning design technology with Grammy award-winning tuning (courtesy of sound engineer, and winner, Luca Bignardi), these earbuds are manufactured from lightweight aluminum and use Intelligent Control technology to ensure that they’ll always perform the way that you want them to when you want them to. 

Certified by THX (the sound company that George Lucas helped to create), 1MORE’s triple driver earbuds are designed to stand up to the rigors and tribulations of everyday life, so that at the end of the day, you can rely on them to carry you away to that special place where music and joy dwell. 


  • Who needs dual drivers when you can have triple drivers? It’s that kind of thinking that advances the species and makes us better and the idea to push a little harder to achieve more is one that I heartily endorse. Especially when the end product sounds as good as these earbuds do.    
  • And how many other audio-centric brands actually bring in award-winning sound engineers to tune their earbuds and make sure that they deliver everything that the manufacturer promises that they will? 1MORE did, and they’re just about the only name on my list of brands who did. 
  • If you’re worried about how comfortable these earbuds are going to be, you can stop panicking as 1MORE supplies them with nine additional sets of tips, so they’re guaranteed to fit snugly in any, and every, ear.


  • It’s the same story that seems to snap at the heels of every earbud designer and manufacturer, the buds can and do fail. Some music fanatics, while pleased with the sound quality of the buds, have noted that their pair failed around a year after they started using them. While a year might sound like a long time, from a brand with the sort of reputation that 1MORE has, we’d expect every single pair of earbuds that they manufacture to last significantly longer than that.


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Founded by a self-confessed audiophile, BASN may not have the same sort of musical pedigree that other earbud brands do, but they are wholly dedicated to the cause of helping music to sound the way it should.

And, their underdog story, their tale of the little company that could taking on the industry veterans to make the audio world a little bit better? That’s a cause that music lovers everywhere can get behind and support. 

Powered by dual high definition drivers that use powerful neodymium magnets to deliver a crystal clear sound, BASN’s unique design means that once they’re fitted and in place, they can effectively cancel out up to thirty-five decibels of extraneous noise, allowing you to focus on what’s important.

Listening to the music that you love. Available in five different colors to accommodate the different tastes of music fiends everywhere, these earbuds also have a completely detachable MMCX cable, so it can be easily replaced if it fails and you can be safe in the knowledge that your buds will continue to thrive even if their cable does break. 

I'm fans of the little guy and will always root for the underdog, which is why I love BASN.

They’re a brand driven by passion and purpose that believes that the world of music can, and should, be better for everyone. And that belief is contagious. 


  • BASN are dual driver earbuds that have been designed, engineered, and created by an audiophile, for audiophiles. They’re a music lover’s dream choice of a sound delivery system and get a double thumbs up from us.
  • The detachable MMCX cable is a clever design feature that increases the lifespan of the earbuds and makes them more durable than almost every other similarly priced brand on the market. 
  • The noise-isolating design of the earpieces is another nice touch that allows them to nudge slightly ahead of the competition and helps them to stand out in the crowd. And talking of standing out in the crowd, the choice of color schemes that BASN uses? That’s the third and final design idea that completely won us over to their cause.


  • Once again, the same old story that walks hand in hand with every earbud designer and producer readers its ugly head. BASN has the same problem that every brand does, quality control. Occasionally a bad pair sneaks through and when they do, all hell breaks loose on the internet as the recipient vents their spleen. That said. BASN seems to have far fewer negative comments than almost any other bud producer, so you might want to take that into consideration when choosing your next pair of earbuds.  


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No, you’re not alone, I’d never heard of Ailun before I stumbled across these earbuds either, but as I’ve never been wed to brand loyalty and know that life isn’t just about names, I spent a couple of days trying these buds out. And I'm glad that I did. 

Powered by dual dynamic drivers, these earbuds produce a clear crisp sound with an undercurrent of balanced, rich bass.

Ergonomically designed to be as comfortable as possible, the shape and size of the ear tips effectively cancel any outside noise when you’re wearing them and help to prevent any undue sound leakage.

With a built-in microphone and remote control that allows you to answer calls and skip tracks, the sweatproof earbuds are not only comfortable and durable, they’re also, given their staggeringly low price tag, surprisingly good at what they do.

Occasionally a pair of earbuds comes straight out of left field and hits a home run, and that’s what these Ailun buds have done.

They’ve knocked it right out of the park and in doing so have proved that names mean nothing.

All that really matters is how well a product performs.  And these earbuds have outperformed almost all of their competition. 


  • Light, easy to use, and with a crisp, dynamic sound delivery, these dual-driver earbuds might not have the sort of brand recognition that you’re used to, but that doesn’t matter as they’re incredibly good at doing what they were made to do.
  • And did we mention how cheap they were? Okay, we just wanted to make sure that we did. No, we can’t believe how much they cost either.  We suspect that some anonymous member of Ailun’s accounting team made a mistake. But that’s not my problem and it isn’t yours either.


  • Our pop used to tell us that you get what you pay for, and in Ailun’s case, his advice seems to bear fruit. They’re a simple to use, straightforward pair of dual driver earbuds that won’t break the bank or damage your pocketbook. And while they won’t last forever, because of their incredibly low price point, you won’t mind replacing them when they do fail.

Best Dual Driver Earbuds Buying Guide

Which Dual Driver Earbuds Will Rock My World? 

As with almost everything else in life, the major factor that determines how well any pair of dual driver earbuds perform is their price.

The more expensive they are, the better they usually are. Or at least, that was the way things used to be.

The widespread availability of the technology that they use means that, soundwise, there really isn’t a big difference between the most expensive pair on my list and the cheapest.

This means that the final decision about which pair of dual driver earbuds is the right one for you, rests entirely on your shoulders. 

That said if you wanted to follow a similar dual driver path to us, and invest in the same pair of earbuds that we use daily, then we’d have to recommend that you spend your hard-earned dollars on the BASN dual driver earbuds.

We love to support an underdog, and so far this little pooch that could haven't let us down and their earbuds sound as good today as they did when we first plugged them in and pressed play.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Dual Driver Earbuds? 

Dual driver headphones use two different drivers to deliver sound from the device that they’re attached to, to the recipient wearing them.

The drivers are essentially speakers, which means that each of the headphones is equipped with two speakers, one devoted to bass and the other to mid and high range sounds. 

While they are smaller than standard headphones, dual driver earbuds use the same technology as their larger counterparts to deliver the same quality of sound.

While there are many instances in life where bigger really does mean better, as far as dual driver technology is concerned, size is immaterial and in most cases, dual driver earbuds perform just as well as their larger counterparts do. 

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