Aomais Sport II Review 2020: Rugged Bluetooth Speaker That Surprises

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Aomais Sport II Review 2020: Rugged Bluetooth Speaker That Surprises

You’ve hiked for miles with your best pals to find the perfect camping spot. And now you’re ready for some great music to enjoy with your friends.

You’ve probably taken along one of the most durable and weatherproof Bluetooth speakers made. It’s Aomais Sport II.

What makes this little machine the ideal camping companion?

Aomais Sport II’s sturdy build and durable design can take the toughest journey you can dream up.

The look of the device screams resilience. And the best part is that the construction of the machine is as robust as it looks. Reinforced components, thick rubber exterior, and overall build quality make this speaker the badass of them all.

A lot of other speakers on the market claim to be durable and waterproof but have no certifications to back up that declaration. Not correct for Aomais Sport II!

If you’ve already decided, check out the Aomais Sport II on Amazon.

Keep reading if you’re looking for the best durable, waterproof speaker on the market that has the credentials to prove it.

I’ve dug deep and found some surprising information about this great little speaker.

How Does Aomais Stack Up Against The Others?

Aomais company’s goal is to create a superb portable Bluetooth speaker. Durability and function is their primary focus.

 Just a couple of comments.

Aomais has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing audio products.

Durability is their specialty, and the reviews shout out this claim.

Hundreds of reviews scream positive testimonies of durability and water resistance – everything from river rafting tour guides to parties in the hot sun and rainstorms.

One user said that if you throw the speaker at a wall, you should be more worried about the wall than the speaker. Now that’s a rugged little speaker!

Durability aside, sometimes things do go wrong in the manufacturing of a product, which is a common problem that spans all manufacturers.

And when it does, a company must stand behind their product and their service. Excellent service keeps the customer coming back and happy.

Exceptional service is undoubtedly the case with Aomais.

Much like the customer support of Anker, Aomais customer service has exceptionally high marks. Their turnaround time is impeccableThey honor their warranties and replace faulty products with no hassle.

They spend quality time and attention with customers until there is resolution. One person joked that they were the only customer AOMAIS has for the time spent helping them.

Aomais has developed an excellent reputation, and I think you’ll see more of them in years to come.

Every speaker has an Achilles heel. So let’s address that now.

Hit The Pause Button If Bass Is Your Thing

For the person who wants an incredibly rugged speaker, Aomais Sport II is a homerun. But if you like deep, full bass, you’ll want to look at the Anker SoundCore 2 or Tribit Xsound Go. Aomais Sport II falls a little short in this category.

The bass isn’t bad, but you get a slightly tinny sound that’s more than what a bass lover would want.

On the flip side, Aomais Sport II has 20W of power with a full and robust loud sound.

Loudness and Sound Quality Get An A+

The stereo pairing function is a breeze. And, when you connect two of these bad boys, you have the perfect setup for surround sound entertaining.

The 52mm drivers running at 4ohms and 70db (Signal-to-Noise Ratio), provide a beautiful, crisp sound that is loud enough for your biggest crowd. And when you multiply that with two units, your guests get a rewarding listening experience with the two speakers.

20 watts of power is impressive, and there are very few Bluetooth speakers in the same price range that can boast that kind of output. And at maximum volume, you get less than 1% distortion.

Imagine connecting two of these 20W speakers. If you can overlook a little less bass, the sound that explodes out of this baby is superb.

And since the rugged design can handle just about any kind of adventure-beach, campsite, pool party- your party is perfect with double fun of the Aomais Sport II.

Be prepared to recharge that battery. Aomais Sport II hits high marks in many categories, but…

Battery Life Is a Miss and Other Reviews Have This One Wrong

So let’s do a quick analysis for a moment:

✓ Great sound
✓ Amazing output
✓ Tough and rugged
✓ Waterproof
× Deep, rich bass
× Battery life

So this is where my reviews are so helpful for you. There is much misinformation, and it takes an eagle eye to uncover the facts.

There are controversial statements out there about the battery life of this device. And, most have it wrong. I’ve seen everything from 30 hours to 10 hours of playtime.

So what’s the real playtime of this great little machine? I’d love to tell you it’s a straight 15 hours, but it depends on a few factors.

This little guy has trouble charging sometimes. Make sure you have it completely turned off while charging. Turning it off does two things. One, it charges faster-within 3 hours. Two, it saves the battery.

If you play your speaker at max volume, you’ll only get about 5 hours of playtime. At about 50% volume, you’ll see more like 10-12 hours of playtime.

Intermittent use throughout the day and proper charging get you closer to 15-20 hours of play.

Some of the confusion comes into play because there is an upgraded version of Aomais Sport II called Aomais Sport II+.  Sport II+ specifications claim 30 hours of playtime.

I’ve not seen a review that validates this claim. Interestingly, the Aomais Sport II+ came out in 2019, but some reviews for this product are dated 2018. The information is conflicting.

That’s another reason I didn’t rank Aomais Sport II+. I just don’t have enough information to support the product yet. But that could change, so be on the lookout for future reviews.

What does this mean to you? Be careful what you read when making your buying decisions. And let me help you weed through all the misinformation.

Let’s get back to the real deal on Aomais Sport II.

Plan on 8-10 hours of battery life, depending on how you are using this speaker. If you’re lucky, you’ll see longer battery life than this, but be prepared to recharge it just in case.

Note: Aomais Sport II owner’s manual states you can get up to 10 hours of use at 50% volume. So don’t always take the specifications you read on product websites for face value.

But the great news is that the battery is designed to withstand cold temps and pretty much any kind of weather.

These conditions won’t drain it, so it’s still a rugged little machine. Just know your limits with the battery life.

What else did I find that might surprise you? You probably saw claims of how this great little speaker comes with accessories that help it float if you were researching it. Is it true? Let’s find out.

It Floats! Or Does It?

One of the great things about this speaker is it’s certified waterproof rating of IPX7Learn more about what that means in my post here. The rubber coverings and coating also protect the speaker if it’s dropped in a pool or bathtub.

Make sure your coverings are plugged into the ports tightly before you use the speaker by water. That’s a vital part of the waterproof design, and if these aren’t covered properly, you’ll ruin your machine if water gets inside.

Aomais used to carry a waterproof, floating accessory for the speaker. For reasons I couldn’t uncover, they discontinued this product.

So if you have your hopes up to take your speaker floating down the river, you can. But, you’ll have to sit it inside your kayak or tag-a-long tube. The floating accessory isn’t available from what I can see now.

Don’t worry though; it’s been tested to withstand 3.3 feet of submersion for up to 30 minutes.

It’s a bummer you can no longer get the floating accessory. But the great news is that your rugged little Aomais Sport II can handle that paddleboard stroll, kayak excursion, or even white water rafting experience.

So go ahead and enjoy your water fun with Aomais Sport II.

Liking what you’ve learned so far? Take a look at the Aomais Sport II on Amazon.

Now that we have things like waterproof ratings, durability, and battery life out of the way, let’s discuss another great feature that sets Aomais apart from the competition—noise-canceling technology.

Wind, Crowd Noise, Background Sounds, No Problem

Aomais was forethinking when they designed Sport II with noise and wind reduction technology in mind. The unique structure of the loudspeaker cavity provides an incredible acoustic sound that cancels out background noise like you can’t believe.

Pair two of these speakers together to enjoy 40 Watts of the most pleasing surround sound you’ll experience in a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Your campsite party becomes the talk of the town. And if tailgating is your thing, background noise won’t outdo your cool speaker.

Aomais has noise reduction figured out. So rest assured your competing surroundings are no match for Aomais Sport II.

Range Is Good Within Reasonable Proximity

Be sure to stick within 33ft of your audio source. The Aomais website lists a 66ft range, but if you read further, you’ll see that for a stable connection, you’ll need to be within 33ft.

However, reviews aren’t that great for range. Even though the unit uses Bluetooth 4.2, reports show that stability is still an issue even up to 33ft.

To avoid connectivity issues, make sure you use your speaker in an unobstructed area.

Reviews also note that as the battery charge weakens, connectivity becomes more compromised.

So with a little preparation, you can enjoy the loudness and sound clarity that makes this rugged little speaker so great. Charging capability and surroundings free from obstructions enhances your listening experience.

Now that you know what conditions are best to use the Aomais Sport II let’s look at what else you get.

What Comes with Your Aomais Sport II?

I love a great warranty. And Aomais is better than most with 12 month’s coverage. It still doesn’t match the Anker SoundCore 2 18-month warranty, but a year is outstanding on these products. 

And excellent service is valid for Aomais just like Anker. These are the fabulous results posted by customers:

  • Quick turnaround time answering customer questions
  • Outstanding problem resolution
  • Hassle-free product replacement
  • Focused attention by technicians when working on customer issues

For all these great reasons, you can feel confident in purchasing products from Aomais. If this speaker is for you, you don’t have to worry about what you’re getting.

If the product doesn’t meet your expectations, Aomais makes it right.

So, what’s in the box?

The packaging is secure and adequately protective. And here’s what’s inside the box:

  • A lightweight, beautifully constructed speaker just under 22 oz.
  • A velvety, sealed sleeve protects your speaker.
  • One USB Charging Cable
  • One 3.5mm AUX Cable
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium batteries
  • One Quick Start Guide

Make sure you read the manual. Operation is effortless, but things like the pairing, troubleshooting, and do’s and don’ts are helpful tips, so you get the most out of your investment.

The speaker is a lot larger than other portable Bluetooth speakers in my reviews. It measures 9.3 x 2.4 x 4.6 inches.

You can fit it into a backpack, but don’t plan on putting it in your pocket. It’s lightweight for its size, so don’t hold back, taking it on that long hike.

The rubber coating is sleek and sassy. You can see and feel the fantastic construction of the speaker.

It’s easy to grip and virtually bounces if you drop it. It has even been run over by a car and survived. So you know you’ve got a durable product in the Aomais Sport II.

The buttons are flush but easy to use. There are sturdy plugs that cover every port to enhance waterproofing.

There is a built-in mic for utilizing the touch-free calling feature, too.

It’s nice that the unit comes with an Auxiliary cable. The value of this speaker is enhanced because not all Bluetooth speakers come with one.

Now you have everything you need, but how does it work?

Optional Extras

Splurging on a carrying case isn’t a bad idea and XANAD has a hard travel carrying case that’s compatible with both Aomais Sport II and Aomais Sport II+. Check out the carrying case here on Amazon.

There is also a Bluetooth Speaker Sling Cover that adds an extra element of waterproof protection. Check out the sling cover here on Amazon.

Next, you’ll want to know how to operate your Sport II.

Operating Aomais Sport II Is Simple

Pairing and using your Aomais Sport II speakers is very simpleCheck out this video for pairing two Aomais speakers

A voice recording says, ready to pair. A blinking blue light indicates pairing, and once paired, the light turns solid blue. And that’s it. You’re ready to play your favorite audio in a snap.

Check out the following video to see how easy it is to get your device running.

For operation, you just select Bluetooth on your phone settings, find your device, select it, and your device pairs automatically when your Aomais Sport II powers on. 

You’ll experience immediate enjoyment with all of the great features of your new Bluetooth speaker. 

Aomais Sport II – What I Like

  • I like the rubber exterior and durable construction because it adds an extra layer of protection for rough handling.
  • Aomais provides both AUX and USB cords at no extra cost.
  • Beautiful, crisp sound with little to no distortion at high volume.
  • The certified waterproof rating IPX7. It’s been tested and can truly withstand full water submersion.
  • Excellent customer service.

Aomais Sport II – What I Don’t Like

  • It’s designed for high adventure like camping, but the battery can’t stand up to long periods of play without charging.
  • The stereo pairing capability is incredible, but the look of the speaker is designed more for the rugged outdoors. It’s not home décor friendly.
  • The range is limited and only optimal up to 33ft.

Who It’s Best For?

You’re active. You love being outdoors. You can take this speaker to the beach, camping, and anywhere you like to experience adventure.

You can be a little clumsy, especially when you’re playing hard.

Although you’ve encountered some conflicting information, you can be confident in your decision now that you’ve read my review.

Aomais makes a great product and stands behind their name. If this speaker has the rugged and durable features you want, go ahead and make that purchase.

This fantastic Bluetooth speaker under 50 bucks is a goldmine!

Check out Aomais Sport II on Amazon.

And, if you’re still undecided, check out my top 10 picks under $50 here.


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